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Weird Al Yankovic

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Weird Al is the original Eminem, except he doesn’t suck balls.
Weird Al photographed last Thursday with former Beatle and cripple-fucker Paul McCartney.

Weird Al Yankovic is a lyrical troll who has parodied every song ever from at least 100 years ago to now, with the exception of any actually good songs, most likely because any changes can only make them better, regardless of what they are. Weird Al is goddamn good at hilariously renaming the songs for his parodies, "American Idiot" becomes "Canadian Idiot", GENIUS!! The only redeeming quality he has is that fans are expecting Weird Al to create a parody of Chocolate Rain for his next album.

Weird Al is one of the few celebrities who are a vegetarian, and according to inside sources, he attempts, like all dumb-ass vegetarians, to guilt people into becoming vegetarian as well. He also claims to be the inventor of the "Twinkie Wiener Sandwich", which in itself makes him batshit insane. It is believed that parodying shitty music could be some sort of immortality elixir, explaining why Weird Al has been around so long. And if that turns out to be true, that's fucking copyrighted to ED.

TL;DR: all parody songs that you hear on the Internet, regardless, were always made by Weird Al. (See Below for Proof.)



Weird Al smiles through the pain.

His fans just LOOOOVE repeating lyrics from his "classic songs". These virgins freak out whenever a new song is made, for example: when White and Nerdy came out, there were mass circle jerks held by nerds the world over.

Son, Al Yankovich blew his brains out in the late '80s after people stopped buying his records.


Hank Hill, propane and propane accessory salesman.


Lol, Wikipedia is for nerds.

The Wikipedia page on Atlantic Records is constantly being vandalized with the words "YOU SUCK!" like in the White & Nerdy video. Typically, this results in recieving the banhammer and the page being semi-protected. ED's article on it, on the other hand, is very factual, and is in no way, shape, or form trying to trick you.

Lol, Offended

Weird Al Rambo.gif

Weird Al music can be used for trolling those who take their band too srsly. Also Used to cause controversial rage and drama between different communities, when truly, no one gives a shit.

Weird Al’s resurrection of “Gangsta’s Paradise” offended rapper “Coolio” because he found out his song was better. So he caused lulz and drama backstage at the 1996 Grammy awards with this rant:

I ain't with that. No. I didn't give it any sanction. I think that my song was too serious. It ain't like it was "Beat It." "Beat It" was a party song. But I think "Gangsta's Paradise" represented something more than that. And I really, honestly and truly, don't appreciate him desecrating the song like that. I think he's wrong for that, because his record company asked for my permission, and I said no. But they did it anyway. I couldn't stop him. But you know, more power to him. I hope they sell a lot of records. Just stay away from me.


“Coolio” &emdash; "Gangsta’s paradise is SRS BUSINESS"

He also created a song where he bitches about Weird Al for a segment of the song. Quoted in the link above. The rapper wanted the song to be taken down, but it wasn’t, turns out it wasn’t even his song in the first place, lol. Still Coolio had no problem cashing Weird Al's check for using the song, though it's not surprising for another nigger to cash a free check.

werid al does suck he sucks ass like the wesal song is soooooooo creul


— “msryan2008 on YouTube” - "Expressing her hate for fursecution"

The effectiveness of this tactic is unfortunately limited by the obviously lulzy intent of using the song. If the target finds the song funny, you're doing it wrong and simply suggest you try other Methods. However, if you are successful tell them to follow the instructions on the banner above.

The One Who Started It ALL

It is in fact, no doubt, that every parody song you hear to on the internets was created by Weird Al, unless it's shitty. It will whether it’s himself Weird Al Yankovic or his evil twin, Weird Al Yankovich. Music sharing sites are full of these! You could spread the word and set people straight, or you could just let it go. Here are some examples of his unknown masterpieces:

Weenie In A Bottle
I'm A Wigga
The Gay Barbie Song
Elmo's Got A Gun
I Like Small Butts
With Legs Wide Open
Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep
The Devil Went Down to Jamaica
Cats in the Kettle

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