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The Original
Very toothy


The Legend

Smile.jpg or is a very long and winding case of bad Creepypasta. A Weeaboo obviously thought it would be super awesome to create a story that was very similar in content to The Ring, with the same prank infamy of The Grifter. The resulting urban legend is about a college reporter who hears rumours of a picture that makes people kill themselves and causes epilepsy despite being a still image.

The Reality

Use scrollbar to see the full image

[[Image:Smile.jpg Story.jpg|800px]]

It's just a dog.


—True, true

Putting the smile back into smile.jpg.

The Image

The original photograph is a bad photoshop of an low resolution camera shot in the dark of a siberian husky looking at a camera and someone's hand next to it. So whoever decided that this should be a famous photo decided, in their infinite wisdom to shoop some human teeth on the dog and make it look all evil, and recolor the hand to look like there is blood on it. Brilliant right?

Wrong. The internet was not impressed with Smile.jpg, and whenever some newfag tries to paste it around like it's breaking news they are quite rightly told in no uncertain terms, to GTFO.

See Also

External Links

  • here are some faggots who think smile dog is paranormal.


Smile.jpg is part of a series on Creepypasta

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