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Some books are good...
Some books are fucking bad.

Books are collection of slowly decaying slices of tree, glued together with dead horses and covered in squid juice. Definitely old media. Nothing of interest has ever been written in a book - and if it has, it'd also be available on the internets. Before the internet, people wrote their secret shit in books, but this fad quickly faded away as they preferred to post it all over the internet; you get more attention this way. Books are also responsible for the creation of religion, role-playing and most of the slashfic in existence - which is why they should be destroyed at every opportunity.

Since the creation of the internet, everybody stopped giving a shit about books. Some nostalgic nerds have tried bringing them back by writing books about the internets such as Otherland but lazy Americunts don't want to waste their energy turning pages. Scientists speculate that many years ago, books contained some importance to people, possibly having some informational value. It is unknown whether or not this will be proven true or false.

Books as a source of lulz


TL;DR About missing Pics

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