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Good for sausage.
How pork should be served.

Pig could relate to:

The common farmyard pig is commonly depicted as being a small adorable pink creature with a squiggly little corkscrew tail and a cheery disposition.

Ha Ha, fuckers, guess again.

The most common type of pig is a gigantic beast, topping a couple hundred pounds, with thick dark hair and warts.

Trapped within this Jew lies one of the most delicious foods known to man: PORK

Pigs can be taught to stand upright, open doors, and even speak a few words of English, but who cares? Tasty animals deserve to be eaten even if intelligent. That's our god-given right as humans!


On Your Plate

Troll or Miracle?

Pork is God's gift to man that can only be eaten by his most chosen people. Anything can be improved with a little pork, especially if this comes in the form of bacon. Even pork steak can be improved with bacon (seriously). Chicken cordon bleu? Chicken wrapped in bacon, covered with cheese. Bacon wrapped in bacon? Now that's apocalyptic yet tasty.

In modern agriculture, pigs can be used to make delicious, meaty sausages. Before you use a pig for this though, first make very sure that it's not merely a furry in its fursuit. If you become embroiled in a love affair with a furry who has a pig fursona in which she is a domme, then you stand a good chance of being ham-fisted.

Who Doesn't Eat Pork?

  • Towel-heads: It's treifah! Meaning, it's the only critter dirtier and smellier than Jews, meaning they won't eat it due to years of Jihad against said Jews (and everyone else). Besides, who wants to go to hell for eating a Jew when you could get 72 virgins for Blowing yourself up?

PROTIP: Serve them Mooslims some porks without them knowing that it is pork. And then when they find out that it is pork they would have to purge their stomach of their sinful om nom nom nom! And then they`ll probably declare a Jihad on you, so you better have a back up plan to save your ass!

Oddly, pigs will eat other pigs if given the chance. Also, human meat tastes like pork (No it doesn't, it tastes like lamb(And how, pray, did you come by THAT little nugget of information, my dear friend?)).


Squealing With Delight! (NSFW) About missing Pics

Fauxpigs About missing Pics

Piggy Cosplay About missing Pics

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