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ALL YOUR BASE! More than 25 million retards has subscribed to this faggot. If you have already subscribed or are thinking about it, please kill yourself.



With Jews, you lose!

No Photoshop used; his chin really is bigger than his face.

Youtube-favicon.png PewDiePie (Powerword: Felix Arvid Ulf 'yahudi' Kjellberg) is a Swedish YouTube whore and Youtube-favicon.png pedophile. He currently makes big money on the tubes making "Let's Play" videos, which is apparently something that certain people have taken quite the liking to over the years, namely the brainless 8-12-year-old crowd that makes up just enough of YouTube's users to grant PewDiePie the unwarranted pseudo-fame he's got today. Desperate for an idol with the same undeveloped, immature sense of humor as them, but still someone who's old enough to rape them without mercy, they worship PewDiePie on a level that would be considered unhealthy by most cultists.

Unlike most gaming videos on YouTube, however, don't even begin to expect the ones created by PewDiePie to contain even the faintest attempt at originality, informativeness or actually witty commentary. Instead, try to imagine being in the same room as a mentally handicapped basement-inhabitant who can barely even play a video game properly without screaming like a retard as soon as something even remotely scary (or something that isn't even supposed to be scary at all) happens. Now imagine the same procedure being repeated enough times to cover 1300 YouTube videos, and you'll get the basic idea of just how fun it must be to be a part of PewDiePie's obviously not very mentally healthy fanbase.

As PewDiePie's most noticable trademark is that he clearly doesn't give two shits about actual video quality as long as he still gets to make money, he regularly tries to Youtube-favicon.png lie about everything and deny this, but the fact that he only wants your money can plainly be seen in his large nose. Despite his claims, he still likes to flaunt his donations and 50 dollars a week income he gets from YouTube views.

Unfortunately, he can't escape his Swedish heritage of being remarkably unfunny. The closest thing he ever gets to entertaining is playing Happy Wheels while making incredibly stupid voices and recycling played-out Justin Bieber jokes. That is, of course, until he decided to make 70 videos worth of that shit and ruined what miniscule chance there was that he at least wouldn't fuck that up.


Characters that appear in his videos

Since PewDiePie is both batshit insane and constantly desperate for supposedly "comedic" scenarios, he occasionally strikes up unintelligent conversations with inanimate objects or characters from the video games he talks over, and his fans find this gimmick funny only because they will find anything funny. Anything.

His gallery of memorable characters includes:

Stephano: A supposedly gay statue made by arabs who mostly yells at PewDiePie (as any even remotely intelligent person who listens to him screaming for half a minute would do) except when it makes hints or shouts at PewDiePie when he misses something important while playing the game, instead of simply telling him the truth of how severely unfunny he is.

Barrels: Probably the most famous character in his series (likely thanks to his fans' tendency to refer to anyone who understands why PewDiePie is not funny as "BARRELS"), these things are apparently the evil masterminds behind everything bad that happens to PewDiePie, hence whenever the rambling retard spots a barrel in any game he will immediately scream like the insufferable little faggot he is as loud as he can, because his so-called "commentary" just wasn't enough of an annoyingly unfunny trainwreck already. Oh, and he calls his haters, well... barrels. (Now we know where this faggotry came from.)

Happy Wheels characters: Whenever PewDiePie makes a new Happy Wheels video he just loves to give voice-overs to the characters he plays as, because isn't that exactly what a slapstick game based entirely around physical comedy was missing? Dialogue that is comprised of constantly recycled catchphrases that no one with an I.Q. over 17 would mistake as even an attempt as actual comedy? Some of his famous characters are the irresponsible dad and his son where he voices both of them at the same time. Look up any PewDiePie fan forum and you're likely to find some of the most beloved quotes.

Mr. Chair: The dumbest and most retarded character ever created (yes, even by the standards of this dousche-horse). Whenever he sees a chair, he gets all excited because his microcock needs a fuckbuddy and thus he names it Mr. Chair. Get it? It's funny because it's a chair! All hail the comedic gem that is PewDiePie! Chairs also seem to "help" him in-game, seeing as whenever a monster chases him he throws the chair at the monster while saying "Chair mode activated". No, we're not making this up. He really is that fucking retarded.

Do I look kawaii yet?

Piggeh: A mutilated secks-crazy pig carcass PewDiePie discovered in Amnesia. Mostly talks and acts like a nigger cracking overdone "dirty" jokes and genital references. Using hilarious catchphrases such as "Yiyyyeh" and "I'm pumped" while probably hoping that its miserable swiny life would come to an end

Slender Man: Slenderman is a myth in which PewDiePie believes, so when he did a play-through of every 13-year-old YouTube-dwelling moron's nightmare Slender, he got so terrified that now, whenever he sees someone wearing a black suit and is bald, he calls him "Slendy" (look attorrent his mad father's play-through for moar info. This would be the same faggot that made Slender Man a forced meme and promptly ruined everything for everyone.)

Cry: Not a character he created, but his buttbuddy that appears in his videos when the unfunny needs crankin'. Cry is a fame leech that only played with PewDiePie so he can get more subscribers and thus get more money. (He's a Jew, what a surprise... no wonder he chose him as his friend.) HoweverThankfully, PewDiePie doesn't know because he has so much cum within his brain that he can't see the truth. He also seems to like playing as little girls or play games that contain little girls. Pewdie fans generally imagine Pewdiepie and Cry engaging in intimate acts together, because all "pewdiecry" fangirls are a bunch of delusional 16 year olds.

2014 UPDATE: PewDiePie no longer uses any of these "funny" characters because he realised that doing other shit would earn him more $$$. Even his good friend Cry has been abandoned for shitty Britfags, sluts and FUCKING SMOSH.

His girlfriend

His girlfriend.

While PewDiePie was walking down the street one day, he found a gay guy dressed as a woman, so he payed "her" his fans' money, and then after seeing his great wealth "she" offered to pretend to be his girlfriend. He has to pay "her" monthly because lolis don't come cheap, which is why he always begs for money from his fans, yep, that's right the donations are actually just sent to his "Girlfriend".

You get to see "her" playing with him sometimes in his videos, but just trust us this time: "she" JUST SUCKS. When PewDiePie introduced his girlfriend, a lot of fangirls got angry because "she" stole him from them. This just proves that PewDiePie's fans are nothing but a bunch of losers who will never get laid and are even worse than CoD kiddies (HOLY SHIT THE IMPOSSIBLE HAS BEEN DONE).

His porn habits

To no surprise this basement dweller likes to watch porn. But where as most of them actually do anything besides watching porn, this is not the case with this faggot as most of his browsing history is porn.

Pewdiepie browses porn.png
big tits amateur teen

perfect rolemodel

perfect rolemodel

perfect rolemodel

perfect rolemodel

perfect rolemodel

perfect rolemodel

perfect rolemodel

PewDiePie shows his true colors

In October 2012 some people posted a simple, blatant troll video about PewDiePie.

A typical fantard comment.

In a butthurt flurry, PewDiePie wrote a comment along the lines of "Oy Vey! The goy's hate and anti-semitism only bring me more shekels!" This inevitably caused a collective sore anus amongst his fans wondering why he said he was only in it for the money, and people began to downpour on PewDiePie troll videos white knighting anything and anybody who didn't suck his shriveled nerd cock.

The post itself
More proof that his fans cannot take any negative opinion about their god.

His bullshit apology video

Why he's full of shit

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He came out of the closet

Remember how you used to think that the Harlem Shake fad could not possibly get more embarrassingly stupid? Well, look what happened instead:

In February 2013 PewDiePie came out as a gay crossdresser, however, his video was instantly removed by his homophobic fanbase. The video starts out with him awkwardly walking around, the magnitude of which he feels is too great to put into words, so he expresses himself by wearing little girl's panties that he got in the mail from his fans, and then lives out his fantasy of dancing in a gay strip club for all the world to see. You can also get a good view of his small penis.

His Fanbase

A normal person's reaction to watching a PewDiePie video on YouTube.

His "fanbase" consists entirely of sheltered white knight children, or at least people who share their mentality. Somewhere along the search for an adult role model, these children's insatiable desire for homosexuality takes over and they're forced to find the only quasi-famous homosexual old enough to have a real job, but too socially inept to leave his mother's basement to get one. Since he spends all his time either fellating or fisting kids, or making funny faces while playing video games in order to lure them in. These children call themselves the "Bro Army," or "Bros," and are identified by the trail left behind of semen dripping from their sodomized kiddy anuses. Look for either that or any group of gaming-obsessed idiots exchanging unfunny catchphrases as if Z-grade comedy is their own, seperate language.

These self-proclaimed "Bros" are exactly like bronies, except these guys fap to PewDiePie while bronies fap to pony porn, and bronies at least have a very, very, very, VERY small chance of getting some. The "bros" won't even get a chance to touch their father's manboobs.

His fantards seem to call everyone who hates on PewDiePie a "barrel", intending for it to be their clever little in-joke and not realizing that it just makes them look like even more of an original fucktard and it makes people take them less seriously. That or they'll just accuse his haters of being jealous, which has the same effect as their "barrel" in-joke. What exactly you're supposed to be jealous of is very rarely clarified. Is it his ability to suck the comedy out of the room like a fucking vacuum cleaner? Is it the fact that the haters will never get as famous as him, i.e. obtain a fanbase that contains nothing aside from easily amused kids and teens? Is it the fact that he's got a girlfriend and the haters don't? Well no, because who would want to date anyone who finds loud Happy Wheels commentaries for 70 fucking videos amusing?

It's a good thing he has this massive, blindly defensive following, tough, because that means he can conveniently send an army of illiterate, prepubescent fucktards to defend him whenever someone calls him out on his bullshit, so that he won't actually go as far as to grow an actual set of testicles and learn to accept criticism.

1 hour of fucking torture.

Trolling his Fanbase

"'Trolling PewDiePie's Fantards'"

Types of fans includes:

The list goes on....Oh, and if your wondering how to troll His fans, just pick on them in general, but the 10-13 year old fans will get thier Dicks all strung up if you mention that he copies other users in humor (there's loads of faggotry about this, try to phase out the virgin guy's talking when watching), is in fact Pedobear, or Gay (spam R34 if they deny).

And in case you want to witness the faggotry yourself, Here's his forum.

Fanart Gallery

PewDiePie About missing Pics


This subject has been sloppy at covering their tracks and has left a trail of public information for Doxbin's specially trained team of e-detectives.

See Doxbin For More Info

Examples of this faggotry

Viewing these videos might give you aids, turn you into a retard and moar etc.
Enjoy the ear rape

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