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No Homo

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This can be considered for ‘no homo’.
I'm very heterosexual.


Erik Ribsskog tells the police he ain't no homo

"No homo" is a term that blacks and wiggers use after they say something that can be mistaken as faggotry, such as one guy complimenting another guy's hair. It was coined by the rapper Cam'ron, who's also known for another black-relations meme; of course there was a scheming faggot who decided to apply it to physical contact, and closeted black people decided to go with it. It was received with great enthusiasm as now they could expand their victims from small white women out for a jog to other nigras while maintaining a tough appearance.


Using it the correct way

So can this.
Secunda: "Fuck you bitch, suck my dick. No homo."

Some argue that this implies latent homosexuality on the speaker's part and possibly some degree of homophobia, as the speaker's worst fear is to have someone pick up any amount of homoeroticism and call him on it. Insulting the speaker and shooting him down for it will cause him to act aggressively, possibly developing a stronger hostility towards homosexuals. Therefore whenever you hear someone use this term, your duty is to call them on their faggotry and thereby contribute something positive to society.

Others say there is no intention of homophobia and it's simply used for "clarification purposes"— that it's simply an expression, and no-one should be offended, as it's not meant to hurt any person specifically. This is retarded, and any person using this defense should be ousted as a queer by you and all your (imaginary) friends.

Women use "no homo" as well, but no one cares what they have to say.


For a better explanation of its appropriate usage, just watch the following videos:

A perfect example when it should be said! Don't miss it!!

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More examples of No Homo in action:

Lil Wayne- master of no homo.
Behind every 'No Homo' there is a little bit of homo.


—Random guy on tumblr telling the truth.

There aren’t too many men that can go after Ray-J. The man’s got a huge meat okay. He’s short the man is packing know what I’m saying. He’s got length on him, he’s got length…I got the width, shit is wide. It’s just, he got a foot on him, he may have a foot on him. Much respect Ray. Man to man no homo. I know when respect is due…man is swanging. Ya’ll seen that shit, ya’ll know the man is swanging.


T-Pain's blog

NFL PLAYER WILL DEMPS IS PHYSICALLY *HOTTTT* THATS A GOOD LOOKIN MAN. Do you agree ladies? (No Homo) Ladies do u find it wierd that a str8 man can recognize another man being physically attractive? Well im one...


Slimbroahta 101 on MediaTakeOut



Ryder187 on Defsounds

No homo, I said he's so sweet; make me wanna lick the wrapper....


Lil Wayne- Lollipop

T.O. to da Bengals huh??? Yessss, another piece of pussy fa da Browns secondary to run a train on...NOHOMO...Let's Goooo!!!! ITS TRU.


—Browns CB Brandon McDonald, shorty before being cut.

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