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"In lulz we trust."
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Article of the Now
"Fuck teh police, guise!"

You're 17 years old, bored and struggling with teen angst, and you have the unfortunate name of Addison. So what do you do? Find a hobby that will make you famous, of course.

Addison Marshall Mikkelson did just that, and that hobby is filming every cop he could intentionally come in contact with and passive aggressively attempt to flip the script and preach their own law to them.

If he felt they acted out of line during the encounter, he promptly uploaded the video to YouTube and cried to everyone that he was violated by the Gestapo police force of his militant town.

In an epic and lulzy plot twist, he was soon busted with a variety of drugs, exposing the real reason behind his "civil service."

What have I missed?
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4 days ago
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Picture of the Now
HAPPY 4/20
Quote of the Now
<@weev> the prison system banned "Springtime for Hitler" by that jew Mel Brooks and The Producers
<@weev> because i had all the nazis singing it
<@weev> around the jews
<@weev> and the jews were crying



weev, on his time in prison

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