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"In lulz we trust."
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George Alexander Yarid, aka Gorgeous George (born July 16, 1968), is 45 and still lives in a tri-level house with his mother (GG ate his mom) no one. It is a decent house in a decent neighborhood, but it's not the mansion George likes to say it is on TV. Alimony money pays for it and his mom must have been pretty tolerant to let her retard son live with her for nearly 40 years. Gorgeous George used to deliver food for a living. Now he drives a taxi (although no one else can fit in the van with him in it).

What have I missed?
2 days ago
Addison Mikkelson
4 days ago
6 days ago
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Some of our favorites are the Kamikaze in guacamole, Rum on a BBQ sandwich, Cosmo on a salad, and Vodka on eggs in the morning to start your day off right.


—Palcohol, encouraging drunks to sprinkle their powdered alcohol drink on everything.

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