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Lesbian pedophilia

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Lesbian pedophilia is the form of fail win that happens when one woman loves a little girl very much. This is constituted as massive fail on two different levels, faggotry and lolicon. It can be between mother and daughter, aunt and cousin, or even mama bear and sister bear. A popular website for these filthy bitches to spread their perversion is Butterfly Kisses - Celebrating Love Between Women and Girls. Here are some select nuggets of "wisdom" from their personal stories section:

Sista's doing it for themself

"I believe like any two women, a mother truly in love with her daughter (with that love reciprocated) should be able to marry her tangibly recognize that sacred bond is something I aspire and dream about. I would love to marry my eldest daughter in recognition of our undying love for each other. We would care for my youngest as two mothers."
"My aunt raised me and my kid sis from about the age of 6 on. She is lesbian and wanted us to explore our sexuality, so she frequently let us see her masturbate and do stuff with the nice lady that lived with us. She taught me and Sis how to masturbate ourselves and each other too. She would watch us and show us how to find our small clits and play with them to make it more exciting. She showed us how to eat pussy and we did to each other and to her too. We still have very close relations with my beautiful aunt."
"I have been involved in an incestuous relationship with my mother since I was 13. She initiated it the first time, but I wanted it to happen. It has been a great experience in my live. I feel I am a more open and understanding person because of this. When I was 13, I lived with my mother and my younger brother. After school he would go to the babysitter because mom worked and I would stay home. I had seen my mom at night using something between her legs. Eventually I found out it was a vibrator and I would use it when I was alone. One time I was in the living room naked using the vibrator and my mom came home early. She just stood there sharing at me and I got embarrassed and ran into my room. I stayed there all day not wanting to come out. That night, mom came into my room and sat on the bed next to me. She told me it was ok, that everyone masturbates and that she did it quite often. After hearing that I didn't feel so bad. I started asking her questions about how she used it and if it felt like a real guy. She tried to explain how she used it, and asked if I wanted her to show me how she used it. I was curious so I said yes. She undressed and showed me how she used it and described what she was doing. Then she told me to try, so I got undressed and tried. She watched, then took it and told me to do it like this and started to use it on me. It felt so good that I just laid back and let her use it on me. Over time I got to use it on her, and eventually she showed me how to perform oral sex on her. Ever since that time, we've been sleeping with each other (About 10 years now). And I wouldn't change what happened for the world."

The above faggotry is utterly fail and should be driven off the interwebs as soon as possible.

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