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Krystle Cole

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Stop-snitching.jpg Krystle Cole is a known Fed enabler, avoid them at all costs.
The result of an MDMA-slushed brain being put in the spotlight

Ever wonder why LSD has become an increasing rarity? Thank Krystle Cole aka Youtube-favicon.png NeuroSoup a professional stripper, YouTube partner, and federal informant for the DEA straight from the prestigious corn-fields of Kansas. A non-notable "gothic dancer" until she met William Leonard Pickard, one of the world's largest LSD manufacturers, Krystle was taken in as a toy for the ghetto-chemists. Eventually learning to much, she decided to cut her losses and snitch the operation out. Her current life consists of discussing such intriguing topics as administering DMT anally in her series of YouTube vlogs.

Pickard Bust

After being taken off the streets in a more-than-kindly fashion, Krystle was admitted into what was to be the future operation site of Pickard and Apperson, the two responsible for 90% of the LSD on the streets in the United States. Her later time was then spent railing her brain on MDMA and whatever else was offered to (read: tested on) her.

However, Pickard, being the busy man he was, demanded more from Krystle than she chose to offer. This stress combined with one-too-many DMT trips resulted in the continuous rape and sodomy of Cole by Apperson, which, despite her perpetually altered state of mind, disgusted even her. Enraged to the point of contacting the feds with a friend, Krystal did exactly that, only to result in more torture than previously endured and zip done (initially) by the DEA.

Unfortunately, further investigation led to the arrest of Pickard and his allies, effectively limiting the amount of LSD available within the United States.


"NeuroSoup" is the title of Krystle's semi-popular YouTube channel in which she canvasses typical hippy lore, including the "healing effects" of LSD and MDMA, how much her life has changed "for the better" since becoming an acid-whore, and the anal ingestion of psychedelics.

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