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I Like Turtles

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The finest example of YouTube fail evar, I Like Turtles became old meme from the very moment it was created. It centers around Jonathon Ware, (future President of the United States) a 10 year old child dressed as a zombie being interviewed at Portland's Waterfront Park by KGW News. When asked about his costume, he looks into the camera and mutters the following retarded words that are now a household catchphrase of the internets; "I like turtles." This meme caught on with people on YTMND who've now made their own little spinoffs and cross-memes of it. Why did it catch on, you say? Well, it is due to the fact that it's fucking retarded and random, which is all it takes to make people laugh these days because everyone is infected with ADD. Actual jokes with a punchline are too complicated for the retarded society of today to understand.

Witness The Fail

The following examples are just a few of literally hundreds of I Like Turtle parodies, and each individual video is a prime example of old meme, trying too hard, and doing it wrong.

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