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Hotel Mario

From Encyclopedia Dramatica

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Welcome to the (second) least popular Mario game ever.

Just like the Zelda CD-I Games, Hotel Mario is another shitty video game that provides material for YouTube Poops.


Basic information

Srsly, noone actually gives a shit about the game itself. It's the cutscenes that make this game pointless enough for YouTubers to use in their videos. Despite making your fucking ears bleed due to the crappy sound quality, and giving you seizures because of the graphics. 100% of the poops are unfunny and made by newfags. YouTube Poops of Hotel Mario most of the time also include Zelda stuff or Robotnik's PINGAS. This equals twice the anti-lulz and none of those videos are worth watching. All of the Poopers have downloaded their material from the same freaking site anyway.

Plot of the story

As Mario and Luigi enter the gate of the so-called "Mushroom Kingdom" in hopes of meeting Princess Peach, Bowser pops up behind a wall observing the two plumbers and unleashes his maniac laugh. After walking a long way while talking about the princess being nice inviting them over for a picnic, they finally arrive at "Klub Koopa Rezort", while Luigi already seems to be hungry for lotsa spaghetti. Unfortunately, they weren't capable of encountering Princess Peach anywhere around there. Instead, they found a letter of Bowser saying that the Mushroom Kingdom has been taken over by Bowser and his Koopalings and the princess is now supposed to be hidden in one of Bowser's seven Koopa-Hotels. Needless to say, the two brothers now must rescue the princess of all costs. Luigi even tells the player/viewer to help them. Will they succeed? Will they defeat Bowser and rescue Peach? Will Luigi finally get his lotsa spaghetti? Well, no one really cares.

TL;DR version: Princess is kidnapped.



Despite the Poops being horrendously unfunny and full of AIDS, the Hotel Mario game would happen to confuse the player/viewer with the pointless sayings of Mario and Luigi. Some of which are:

  • "I hope she made lotsa spaghetti!"
  • "And YOU gotta help us!"

Oh exploitable!

Controversy and Criticism

  • Because YTPers or whatever the fuck they are called, converted these dumbassed cutscenes from QUEBECGAMERS.COM, the Hotel Mario clips on YouTube are banned because of copyrighted material. If someone used these clips in a YTP before it's too late, that's no good!

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