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If you have been offended by Homosexuality,
please click here and scroll slowly down to the bottom of the page.
Homosexuals have parades to show the world how normal they are. Don't tell me you aren't lusting after that sexy golden motherfucker.
The Homosexual Archetype:
Handsome, confident, and willing to take it from behind.

Homosexuality or Homophilia, is a progressive mental illness commonly seen among furries, in which the sufferer is overcome by sexual feelings for others of the same sex. This neurological disorder is most commonly caused when the afflicted subject has such deep resentment for a dominating parent of the opposite sex that all members of that sex become repulsive by association. Often as the sufferer comes of age, the level of faggotry begins to slope up in the form of a quadratic function {f(faggot)=ax2+bx+c}, rather than the typical linear model predicted by researchers and other faggots of the like.

In some rarer cases, the cause is a generalized reaction against normalcy, triggered by a negative response to the thought of healthy adult relations. This reaction often relates to a pagan desire to act against the will of God, whom homosexuals dedicate their lives to infuriating. And it's also a choice, too. Like with any choice, there are always retards who are too lazy to decide, which explains bisexuals. Though some say bi is just halfway out of the closet.

Other common causes of homosexuality include the faggot having been sexually molested as a child by an adult of either the same or opposite sex, or heavy drug use by the faggot's mother that occurred during pregnancy causing a hormonal imbalance. This hormonal imbalance can also occur after a child's birth if their parents let them play unsupervised in vats of harmful chemicals.

Homosexuality is positively correlated with the mental disorder pedophilia, and all fags are prone to molesting children. Their purported attraction to members of the same sex is a misguided exercise in the search for an alternative to normal sexual relationships. The subjects are also inherently self-hating and intellectually dishonest in their quest to achieve an ostensible popular acceptance. The homosexual who does not seek treatment is aware of his/her illness and must be in a state of constant denial, often convincing others of their sanity with smoke and mirror tactics.

How people react when they see' em on the streets.


Fear of Homosexuals

Some matchmaking services appeal to the "bi-curious" demographic. That's a gay codeword for "fag in denial".

Most heterosexual men and women have always found it difficult to understand the concept of homosexuality between two men because the vagina and boobies are so fucking full of win and smelly hairy assholes so full of fail. Some of them hate it, while others wriggle their toes when a gay man or woman stand next to them. Homophobia is an especially big issue for most men. Men and their Fear of Homosexuality has always been a big reason as to why several homosexual people across the world are abused and scorned. It is also seen that a lot of men feel uncomfortable around gay menand hate the fact that they can't understand the mind of a homosexual. But this tendency to scorn homosexuals by men is prominent only amongst males towards male homosexuals. It is an accepted fact that men hate male homosexuals but accept female homosexuals, even to the extent of fantasizing about two girls kissing; this is because girls are hot so two girls is hotx2, while guys are gross and hairy and have nasty farts. Though men and women have started to accept homosexuality, it is still a process that seems to be taking time.

Medical Classification

The government uses chemicals to make people gay
How fags react upon seeing the size of your cock.
That was the longest 200m of Gay's life

In DSM-I, Homosexuality is classified among sexual sociopathic personality disorders, while DSM-II through DSM-IV are invalid because they were edited by deviant homosexuals with forged APA credentials.

Homosexuality is not to be confused with "Lesbianism", as same-sex attraction among women is perfectly normal, attention-seeking behavior. Moreover, it doesn't involve anal penetration, and there's at least 2 pairs of breasts. Clearly this behavior is non-progressive and ends once the observer runs out of tape, it is thought to be brought on by temporary vaginisitis.

Ongoing research indicates that some men may choose to become homosexual in the womb, and that fetal Faggot Gene screenings combined with prenatal homicide will drastically lower the number of unwanted babies brought into the world, thus fixing fucking everything.

Medical science has proven it's only gay if the balls are touching or if the eyes of either anal comrade are open while internally probing.

The problem with homosexuals (for them anyway) is that they will never reproduce, so there should be no worries that homosexuality will spread beyond those already gay, unless they are converted. This works in the same way that becoming a zombie goes. Zombies cannot have zombie children (yet), thus the only way to become a zombie is by means of a very violent attack and assimilation.

As a side note to all medical professionals, the gays are not people. They do not have rights and only act like they have feelings as defense mechanism.

History and Terminology

See: Homosexual Epithets

What they want you to think.
A bug for chasing bugs.

Homosexuality was devised by Hitler as the Economical Solution to the Jewish Question, comprehensively limiting Zionist reproductive abilities at minimal expense. The plan failed horribly when the disease struck the general population, even Hitler's own son (Conrad Ankers) shaming Hitler into committing suicide as the Nazi Party adopted Plan B.

With the advent of Homosexuality, thousands of years of peace and prosperity came to an abrupt end, and the disease continues to spread at an alarming rate.

The word Faggot is derogatory and slanderous, unless applied to sick homosexuals. As Ann Coulter sagely noted, however, the word's lost its meaning as faggots have too much acceptance, so the word has become no more than a generic schoolyard insult. The commonly accepted definition of gay is "GAY IS NO CAN PENIS TO PUSSY!!1!".

The word Gay is an acronym for "Got AIDS Yet?".

Other terms of note:

Social Behavior

How gay couples make love.
How gay couples really make love.

Homosexuals have been proven to inherit the worst possible personality traits of both sexes. This results in the Perez Hilton phenomenon.

Although they claim to be a persecuted species, homosexuals are markedly racist, ageist, and class oriented. They are typically adverse towards nigger cock and tiny Azn wang. Fatasses need not apply under any circumstances. Srsly GTFO. Additionally, homosexuals consider anyone over 23 an old fart that should be in a retirement home or en route to becoming an hero.

When they are not busy swallowing copious amounts of dirty beaner splooge at the local pr0n store or trolling for HIV elsewhere on the interwebs, they may happen to humor each other on "dates." The four questions that are typically asked first (in descending order of importance) are: "How much do you make?" "What kind of car do you drive?" "How big is your cock" and finally, "How are you doing?"

Because homosexuality is a mental illness, it also produces delusional behavior. One side effect is some fags have faith in God although he ROFLstomped their haven in the Bible for lulz and wishes they were all dead. Another side effect is the delusion that that deep down, all males are somewhat gay. Any form of interaction with them will be considered a come-on. It is particularly dangerous to discuss sex with them, as their sexually overactive, damaged brains are aggro'd whenever the topic is brought up. As such, it is advised you take caution when relating to a homosexual classmate or coworker your sexual exploits with women, as this will no doubt be misconstrued as an invitation to come suck your great big white under the bathroom stall during lunch break.

Typical gay scene from Brokeback Mountain

The gay rights movement has been a front for pedophiles the entire time, lol

(Teh newspaper, April 22 1978)

Religious Perspective

If a man lies with another man as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death.


—The Bible, Leviticus 20:13

Homosexuality is a horrible evil, and anyone who suffers from it must either be cured or put out of their misery. Homosexual activity is punishable by the death penalty under several nations that follow Islamic Sharia Law, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, and penetration is not required.

This is how it's done. Note: no ladies required.

It is good to see that some nations have taken a stand against the spread of AIDS. However in Western nations and Academia, the "gay community" is considered an oppressed minority whom need legislated protections to ensure their rights. Some argue that this is what the christfags mean when they talk about humanism in education.

There was once a loophole for Catholic priests, provided they were only attracted to underage boys. This loophole was recently closed due to multiple instances of legal action after some asshole took everything way too far.

It is also worth noting that the Bible never got around to shouting about lesbians, therefore lez porn (and whatever else teh lez do) is 100% lez-tested, God-approved. In society, this manifests itself as a strong fan-base for Yuri, compared to Yaoi. The closest that bible comes to yelling about lesbians is in some letter Paul wrote to some Romans. It is located at bible coordinates Romulus 001 mark 26: "δια τουτο παρεδωκεν αυτουσ ο θεοσ εισ παθη ατιμιασ αι τε γαρ θηλειαι αυτων μετηλλαξαν την φυσικην χρησιν εισ την παρα φυσιν"— "So then God made the ladies get all frrrrreaky." Some Argue that this is about teh lez. Others argue that Paul considered "freaky" ("την φυσικην χρησιν εισ την παρα φυσιν") to mean anything that doesn't (την φυσικην χρησιν) make a woman yell "I HOPE I GET PREGNANT RIGHT NOW!" exactly every single time she gets dicked. A trouble spot: God made them get freaky. This is the millionth instance of God trolling Paul— or even all of humanity for two thousand years and counting. All the same, He eternally graces us with abundances of lulz and lez, now and forever, in the name of Raptor Jesus, amen.


Fags love straight cock. All the more reason never to talk to one.
You too can be teh gehy!

Gays are everywhere, except vaginas. Most people have no clue just how gay the world is. No one takes notice because its really not that hard to be a fag. Here are some examples of social structures of homosexual towns... which is all of them:

Homosexuals in liberal towns tend to let their sexuality run rampant effectively gehying up the town. Many cities on the US West Coast reach critical capacity yearly, resulting in a concentration of faggotry known as “Gay Pride Parades”.

In well adjusted towns, homosexuals are much more difficult to spot. It’s commonplace to mistake a Homosexual for a heterosexual by believing that the individual “loves women too much to be gay.” While few poorly adjusted individuals are tolerated for fagging up the place, the mass majority remains closeted.

As for backwards towns where the barbaric practice of Fag Hunting is a common sport, human productivity becomes stagnant as the populations of whole towns concern themselves with the sexual practices of others, wherein not even the Straight men are safe from homosexual thoughts and viewing as they go hunting for live porn.

The majority of vagina wielders are unable to love exclusively so they justify their promiscuity with the term "bi-sexual." It is wrongly believed by butthurt lesbos that most females are making shit up, but they are correct in believing teen girls are using their bi-sexuality for attention whoring (among other types of whoring).

As gay men are 90% woman anyway, some of them take the label of "bisexual" as well for the same reason as women. Any penis holder marked as bisexual on any site is a homo who wants it in the ass, but is too much of a pussy to come out and say so for fear his parents will be more butthurt than he is at the end of the night.

Let the mating begin!

Environmental Factors

This abused infant embraced homosexuality as a coping mechanism.
Their favorite activity.

As science tells us, the level of gay someone is is determined by various environmental factors. This is due to the fact that once a homosexual accepts the idea that it will never be like the rest of us, it begins to go through an ongoing process called cumsumption. In this processes, the sufferer rampages through it's environment searching for resources such as Hollister Clothing, Speedos, Macy's Accessories, Edible Lotion, Gerbils, and Creme Brulee. The fagsectivore will cumsume for the rest of it's years, aimlessly searching for happiness butt will never find it.

While homosexuality is a choice for the vast majority of people, there are a few threats that may cause permanent or untreatable gayness:

Born this way hoax

Brainwashed fags and pseudoliberals like to say that "Homosexuals are born this way". Science is nowhere near to prove that. If science had proven it, that day would have been the worst butthurt for gays, because it would have opened way to develop test that would detect homosexuality in womb. And no responsible parents want to waste years raising a faggot if they can prevent it. Pseudoliberals would instantly became pro-life suddenly, or prohibit those pesky tests. Gays have already created an organization, PLAGAL, to fight against abortions. But it is useless, because no test can be created, because homosexuality is environment+choice.

In theory, faggots could use such test to abort heterosexual fetuses instead, thus making more faggots. However, faggots' prevalence less than 5% births means they would have to abort about 20 fetuses on average per making one certain faggot. Now, don't you wish "born this way" was true? It could be a major source of LULZ.

Self-Identification Guide For Young Men

Fag pounding.gif
Homosexuality can develop in boys as early as age thirteen.
Fags LOVE eating cum.

Teenage homosexuals are often awash in hormones, and tend to experience confusion about their decision to become gay as a child. Homosexuality is a treatable but permanent affliction, and these indicators can help anyone who has doubts about their sexual identity:

Finally, if you are an ED administrator there is no doubt you are indeed, homosexual.

Gay by ~Plaid-Rose

I am gay. I'm not a disease, I'm not a problem I'm not an affliction I don't need treatment. I don't need help I'm not sick I'm not confused I'm not a sin.

I am gay. I'm your daughter Your sister Your friend Your co worker Your classmate Your acquaintance A complete stranger

I am gay. I need love, just like you I need smiles I need support I need a hug I need a friend I need a family I need acceptance I need understanding I need you

I am gay. I know what love is I know what pain is I know what hate is I know what life is

I am gay. And I need you to love me The same way you loved me before you knew

I am gay. And I have experienced hate From more people than just you

I am gay. And I wont change. I wont give up. I wont back down. I wont pretend. I wont lie. I wont deny. I wont hide. I wont hurt.

I am gay.

And that's okay.

(You read that? Time to become anhero! Do it faggot!!! )

Videos of the Gay

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Politics and Demographics

Iran has been homosexual-free for 2500 years.
Black with one cream, please.
Actual definition of Gay in San Francisco.
I love it when you talk to me like that...
San Francisco is the best place to spot wild homosexuals.

There are no laws in the civilized parts of the world that oppress gay people, meaning that's the only thing the Arab people have better then us. Due to the lack of laws protecting us, the proponents of Gay Rights claim that homosexuals deserve rights and privileges above and beyond those held by everyone else. Current laws endorse marriage among heterosexual couples because of their unique ability to expand the tax base. The notion of marriage among homosexual deviants is unnecessary and counter-productive, akin to polygamy and incest.

United States

The democratic party places perceived victims above all other constituents, thus it remains the popular choice for homosexual support. However, in US politics, 99% of all professional homosexual politicians are actually closeted conservative republicans, and several dozen are outed every year. The Democratic Party is at least 150% gay.

San Francisco

Name means Saint French. It used to be the gayest city in the world.

Salt Lake City

Religious gays congregate here. It supercedes San Francisco as the gayest city (no srsly).

Political Perspectives - The US Nigger/Fag Paradox

Although Slavery was funny, many homosexuals believe Slavery provides a common ground between Gays and Blacks as persecuted minorities, and thus makes them natural allies in the struggle for civil rights.

The truth is that gays simply want to get close to blacks to score some big black cock.

Blacks seem to reject this argument, claiming that being sold onto a boat and shipped across the ocean to be beaten, raped and killed with impunity contrasts poorly with the "right" of poking your dick up some truck drivers asshole at the local rest stop.

This proves that blacks are Homophobic and secretly wish that all gays were dead, because there is no other reason for not liking homosexuals except for being scared of them...Yeah that's true


Hot and sticky, a perfect habitat for fags. Their over-breeding has created a desert wasteland run by gay-bikers as depicted in the award winning documentary Mad Max, narrated by Mel Gibson.


There are no gays in Iran, I don't know who told you there was. We do not experience this phenomenon in Iran. The president of Iran personally went into every bathroom stall in Iran looking for gays and found none. He did find this great little glory hole in a gas station in downtown Tehran, slobbered a knob, but didn't take a census of the faggotry cause he was busy. Busy with cock in his mouth. Iran also gives gays the punishment they deserve: death.

Catholic Church

One of the oldest and most traditional gay organizations is the Catholic Church. Being homosexual and molesting altar boys is an elementary requirement of membership. Since openly gay men were persecuted and discriminated over previous centuries, the catholic church came to the conclusion that to preserve their boy loving lifestyle they should pretend to oppose homosexuality strictly.

The head of this organization is called the Pope. The key requirement to become pope is to have a long history of committing and hiding child surprise sex and the ability to suck a golf ball through a key hole.

The official priest motto is known to be: "They can't be too young, just too tight."


Why homosexuality should be illegal
Because only gay people eat scat. Facepalm.

Major GPCs

If you look like this, you're most certainly not gay.

Where gays hang out and suck dick. Avoid these areas at all costs, or you will get the AIDS.


Homosexuality About missing Pics

Gay Comics

I'm in ur comics fagging it up!

Gays have spread from the real world to the art world. There are gay movies, gay songs, and of course, lots and lots of gay art and comics. Here is an example of Gay comics at their finest. For more gay comics, check out Shota.

Truckers In Denial! About missing Pics



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See Also

When gays get old.
A typical gathering

Famous Gays

Gay on a Wednesday night.

External Links

Biological warfare at it's tastiest.

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