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This is what a typical good game looks like.
There's nothing Wikipedia admins love more than a good game.

Stands for "good game". Typically used on IRC specifically insub. Can also stand for "good going".

Also used at the end of internets action games such as Half-Life, Deus Ex or Yahoo! Spades to signify that the game was fun. Some variations might include "gga" (good game all) or just "ggp" (good game partner). "gg nextmap" is also derived from these games, and outside such environments is synonymous with "pwned", like when nerds beat you at Mario Kart.

IRL a "good game" comment is usually followed with a pat on the person's ass. This is because most athletes are gay and see way too much man-on-man action.


Alternate Meaning

Used when another person fucks up and loses at whatever they're doing, to the lulz of everyone else. In fact, "GG" is rarely used to actually describe a good game.


Prima: I followed your advice and deleted system32.
Secunda: gg
Prima: I just upgraded to Vista today.
Secunda: gg

Can additionally be used to indicate one's belief that their own victory is certain, though the game has yet to end. Often times they are wrong and get rocked.


Prima: WTF? Nc2+ ?!?
Secunda: gg
Prima: Rxc2++!! ... noob

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