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Feminist Frequency

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Feminist Frequency = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.
The media-dictating feminazi IRL.

Feminist Frequency, real name Anita Sarkeesian, is a feminazi bitch and "pop culture critic" with whore earrings who complains about shit nobody cares about on her site and Jewtube. She covers a wide variety of subjects from The LEGO Corporation to sexism in video games. She is a graduate from York University, and she is putting her education to full use by complaining about movies and video games. Be sure to donate all the Jewgolds you can to her, as opposed to a feminist women's rights activist (since the only time a feminist does any good is when she's not talking or making a mean sammich) who wants to focus on real female oppression, e.g. wimmins are forced to marry their rapists in other countries. It can also be noted that she is a weeaboo, for she has mentioned/referenced that she watches animu in several videos.


4Chan Drama

On May 17, 2012, Sarkeesian decided to begin a kickstarter that would cover the subject of Misogyny in video games. Upon hearing of this information, /b/tards flocked to her Wikipedia page and her YT and started to troll the fuck out of her. Rape threats, death threats, and flat out misogyny ensued. She bawwed about them in this journal, which was a cry so loud it caught the attention of The Escapist,, and even Digital Trends Inc.. Also notable is the coverage she received on The New Statesmen.

The irony of all this, of course, is that by trolling this bitch, 4chan has done nothing but give her the attention, and Jew gold she so desperately craves. In fact, if you look at her Kickstarter page, she's made 160,000 dollars, likely in large part due to her bawwing about the big-bad-trolls to the media. The best way to piss off this sufferer of GOTIS, as with all such cases, is to ignore her completely.

In particular one Ben Spurr, a grade A Sonicfag and basement dweller afraid his fail hobbies would be ruined by the feminazis, decided to chime in with an interactive game for the toddlers on where you beat up a picture of Anita. This caused an immediate shitstorm and the game was promptly deleted but not without getting the attention of the journalist fags around the e-world.

A picture of the ugly cow
Much better
I think it’s just adorable how absolutely no girls are any good at video games, just like how no woman has ever written a good novel. They are nothing but talk and no action, probably because girls are such emotional creatures and base everything they do on their current feelings and then try to rationalize their actions later. How pathetic.

You know what’s priceless? When a gamer girl posts a pic of herself looking as slutty as possible and then throws a fake fit when people talk to her like she’s a whore. What did you think was going to happen, you dumb broad? Lose thirty pounds.


—Ben Spurr reveals his deep gamer wisdom of women

Anita Sarkeesian has not only scammed thousands of people out of over $160,000, but also uses the excuse that she is a woman to get away with whatever she damn well pleases. Any form of constructive criticism, even from fellow women, is either ignored or labelled to be sexist against her.

She claims to want gender equality in video games, but in reality, she just wants to use the fact that she was born with a vagina to get free money and sympathy from everyone who crosses her path.


—Ben Spurr rationalizes his decision

Her YT Videos

Feminist Frequency's videos typically consist of whining and moaning about sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia ad nauseum in every little crevice of popular culture she can lay her filthy cunt hands on. - If she doesn't see any "oppression" she will happily make it up to feed her white liberal victim guilt complex. - Constantly bearing a facial expression that looks like she smelled a dog turd and that ice cold snark typical among feminazis, she has the Midas Touch to turn every beloved facet of your childhood into a shitpool of white liberal guilt. This makes her a filthy Jew and a white race traitor at the same time. Her sandnigger parents should be notified of their daughter's misbehavior and give her a few whiplashes to put her back in place. If that fails, throwing some acid on her face is fine. While Feminist Frequency is democratist who constantly complains of raep and death threats she is the one who systematically raeps and disassembles the popular culture of the moronic masses. Being such a perpetrator, she has only herself to blame for the just abuse she receives from the consolefags who have had enough of her bullshit.

Even other feminazis don't like Feminist "Fuck Her Face" Frequency:

It would also have helped if the analysis was done by someone who wasn't Yet Another Conventionally Attractive White Cis Feminist. Not that I think conventionally attractive white cis feminists can't make good points, just that they should not be taking up all of the space.


—fellow Nazi of the FemReich Baron_Blackheart

In other words, they would prefer a more "in depth" analysis from some hermaphroditic nigger bulldyke. Well, with the abundant female niggers present in feminism, it shouldn't be a problem to get all of those different perspectives.

Give me money
Veronica Mars
True Blood
Guys should hate Twilight
The Bechdel test
Too Many Dicks
Liqour ads

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Feminist Frequency Needs More Money Because Men.jpg
Men makes more than Anita, and you have to pay for it

Her Critics

Now, despite what her fans say, she has her share of haters that aren't trolls. Aspies, Sonicfags, atheist whores and even 17 year-old boys disapprove of her for reasons that, by most, would be considered logical. It can be noted that Feminist Frequency never allows any of these videos to appear in her response boxes on videos, for she knows that they all expose the truth about her.

21st century
Damsel now

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Stealing her footage

Because Sarkeesian hates sex offenders so much, she decided to download videos from the nigger known as Valis77. Who of course, like all nigger is a sex offender. It could be argued that FF was unaware of Valis' exploits, as she doesn't do any research, and instead just types in let's play into the YouTube search, and filter all the shitty PewDiePie videos, and end up with content worth stealing. Because of the delightful irony of stealing from a nigra, no charges has been pressed, partly because the virgins at The World Of Longplays are busy losing their virginity to the black hole known as Sarkeesian's pussy.
Feminist Frequency Stole Devil Summoner Lets Play.png

Moar theft
Let's Steal About missing Pics
For research and recording video game footage I use the El Gato Game Capture High Definition Game Recorder to collect gameplay. I have a number of systems including the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Wii, Wii U, Sony's Playstation Vita, a Nintendo 3DS XL and I plan to buy a PS4 when they are more widely available. I also use the El Gato box to capture iOS games on my iPad and iPhone with an HDMI adaptor. I hook up the ViewHD Premium 3D HDMI 4x2 Matrix (an HDMI splitter) that lets me instantly switch between most of my game systems on my television (55" LG LED 55LS4600) and on my capture box without plugging and unplugging cables. My capture box software runs on a separate older MacBook Pro which I use for capturing gameplay and running my PLEX media server.


—Anita Sarkeesian lying as always,

The evidence. Great job with Photoshop, whore

Having learned the Armenian art of theft, it should come to no surprise that the feminist retard also stole her logo. Tamara Smith (aka Cowkitty) made a shitty Princess Daphne fanart all they way back in 2009. Sarkeesian having raised 150k, couldn't be bothered to ask for permission and especially couldn't be bothered to pay for it, with the money she stole. Despite multiple messages to Sarkeesian no response was ever given, as she doesn't want to own up to her thieving of everything.

Long Story Short: You stole my art, used it for commercial purposes, and won’t even respond to my polite inquiries.

Financial and legal complications aside, I hope you understand that you’ve taken away my personal voice and ownership as a fellow content creator. Without my permission or knowledge, you’ve taken my work out of context to use for your own agenda, leaving me no control over how my work is seen or used. I found myself surprised to be incidentally supporting and endorsing a campaign I had no prior knowledge about.

Content is gifted, donated, licensed, commissioned, and purchased. It should NOT be stolen.

On one hand, it’s super cool to know that my art was in a TedTalk. (!!!) But on the other hand, you googled “Princess Daphne”, downloaded my fan artwork from my own blog website, removed the background & signature, placed it into a branding logo, and continued to use this stolen work even AFTER raising $150k on Kickstarter.

Ok ok, benefit of the doubt. Copyright law can be complicated. Maybe you thought that any images on Google must be free to use however you want. Honest mistake, no harm no foul?

Except that I (and several of your supporters) have tried to contact you to nicely resolve this via your website, Twitter, and even Kickstarter. Unfortunately, there’s been no response from you of any kind. I’d assume you were away from the computer, except you’ve still been actively engaging on social media during this time.

Honestly, I don’t have the time/energy at the moment to try to get you to notice me. I do hope one day you’ll attempt to resolve this situation, and fully understand why stealing is not only morally wrong, but also detrimental to content creators of all mediums.

I’d still really like to resolve this issue, so I hope you find the time and consideration to one day respond to the original letter I sent you, re-posted below. 


A blogpost detailing this event

After Tammy posted this on her blog, the internet exploded with rage. Thousands of comments piled up on Reddit, several gaming sites took notice, and Anita was even doxxed.

Of course, they eventually "resolved" their dispute. Anita had to take the picture down because she wouldn't give Tammy proof of Feminist Frequency's status as a non-profit organization, which should surprise absolutely nobody.

Her real agenda

Anita Endorses Fanfiction Of Her Killing Randy Pitchford

This was retumblred by Anita. About how she kills a person in cold fucking blood.

“I don’t know about this,” Anita Sarkeesian said.  She clung for dear life to Spider-man as he swing through the air. The people below seemed like ants, stopping to point at the masked man above them.

"You must understand, Anita." Spider-man said, "Duke Nukem may seem like an outdated and backwards franchise now, but they succeed in bringing it back from the dead, the games industry will NEVER recover!!!"

They swung past more buildings.  Spider-man turned a corner and the Plano, Texas downtown gave way to the Gearbox Studios office, a dour gray building that radiated evil as only a decent studio riding the unexpected success of a single franchise could. There was the whir of jet engines, and Anita could hear the sound of sharp cackling.

“Spider-man!” Anita yelled, as the shadow of the glider fell on them.

“Spider-man, Anita!  So good of you to join us,” Green Goblin said. He held up a pair of pumpkin bombs. “A treat from Mr. Pitchford.”

He threw the bombs, but both missed their mark, crashing into the building behind Spider-man and Anita and sending glass and rubble tumbling down into the streets below.

“Anita, you’re gonna have to take on Pitchford and Duke while I deal with Green Gruesome here.”

“I don’t think I can, Spider-man.” Anita said.  They swung low to the entrance to Gearbox Studios.  

“Don’t worry, Anita, I believe in you, and though it might not seem like it does, the internet believes in you too.”

“Thanks, Spider-man.” Anita said.

“No probs.  Oh, and MJ told me to tell you she’s a huge fan.” he said, and web zipped away just as another pumpkin bomb exploded a few yards away.

The entrance to Gearbox Studios was a cathedral-like structure.  Flying buttresses made of guns led up to carved busts of Gearbox’s past characters; mostly just the Borderlands characters and a random soldier from Brothers in Arms.

It was dark, but torches magically lit themselves once Anita had taken a few steps forward.

“Welcome, Anita.  I’ve been expecting you. Not gonna lie, I thought Green Goblin was gonna be enough to take Spider-man out, what with you weighing him down.” said Randy PItchford, on his throne of gold Borderlands 2 guns. On his left stood the dessicated corpse of Duke Nukem, a dried out, mummified husk of a man being propped up by a pair of scantily clad, uncomfortable looking schoolgirls. The faint spark of undead life flickered in his dark eyes, weak, but definitely on the verge of full lich-dom, and a skeletal hand was trying to point at his balls.

On his right, chained to a desk and PC, was Anthony Burch.  His throne was flanked by a pair of cosplayers in Psycho Bandit costumes.

“I’ll let that little insult slide, Pitchford.  I’m here to stop you.”

“What, from reviving Duke? Please, he might seem a little under the weather now, but you have no idea what kind of power he still has.  Alas, you won’t be around to see it.  Guards, attack!” he said. The psycho bandits rushed Anita, but they both went down after a pair of shots rang out in the hall. Anita had her gun out, a gold-plated Borderlands pistol.

“Wha- But, how? How did you get that past the magical barriers?” said Pitchford.

Anita gave a nod of approval to Anthony, who shrugged when Pitchford looked at him with hurt in his eyes.

“Sorry, Randy.” Anthony said, and continued typing. Pitchford faced Anita, whose gun was now primed on his chest.

“Like you’ve got what it takes to shoot me.” he said.

She gave him a warning shot, just a few inches above his skull. He cowered down and started stammering.

“Wait, Anita, please, don’t kill me. You’re right, the systemic problems of sexist depictions of women in the games needs to be stopped, and Gearbox can join you. Duke Nukem was a mistake, I never should have tried bringing him back into this world. Run away, girls, be free.” he said, and the girls let Duke Nukem’s body fall, where it collapsed into a pile of dust.  “I’m sorry, Anita.  But, look, if you let me live, I can fix this.  I can have Anthony write a bunch of awesome female characters, and our next game is going to have one of the best female leads ever. People still remember Karan S’jet, right?  Homeworld?”

Anita nodded. Homeworld was an enjoyable series.

“ I mean, this whole Duke thing was just a huge misunderstanding. I’m sure we can convince a few other studios to do the same, get more women or at least more writers who are actually considerate of how women are depicted in gaming and we can really alter the status quo.” Pitchford said.

“Don’t worry, Randy. It takes a big person, man or woman, to admit they were wrong.  And you’re right, you don’t deserve to die for that.”

“Oh, great, because for a second there I was really worried-”

She shot him once, twice, three times, the sound of the shots echoing in the grand hall of Gearbox Studios.

“Holy shit!” Anthony Burch said.  He couldn’t stop typing.

“Anita…why, I said I wanted to change..” Randy said.  He clutched at his open wounds.  Blood was dripping in gouts from his gold gun throne.

“That’s for Aliens: Colonial Marines.” she said. Randy looked at her again, at first with anger, but then with a look of complete understanding, as though deep down he’d known that it was always going to end this way.  He sighed one last time, and then died.

Anita turned to walk away, but paused and looked at the throne, at the power of Gearbox. She looked at the gun in her hand, the body of Randy Pitchford already returning to the daemonic warp. His blood was gone, and the throne was gleaming and clean.  More psycho bandits had emerged from the shadows, looking for sign of their master.

Anita took a step up to the throne, then another, then sat down as the whole of Gearbox Studio had gathered before her. They waited for her command.

“Let’s make a game.” she said.

A video on the Tumblr post

Her Male Fantards

Men were also shocked by the hatred Anita attracted to herself. While some went as far as to white knight for her, while others just declared that they are mere fans.

Passion Of Lara Croft
Shook Ones

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Some castrated males are defending her fanfiction on The Escapist forums. Visiting the forums will result in your dick falling off, go here

How much does she make a month on her scam?

Of course the money she got from her Kickstarter isn't enough to fuel her overindulgence of expensive Macbooks and handbags, so she had to find other ways of earning money enough to pay for guys to constantly give her some much craven attention, and she thought of another idea which was basically just the same as the first, where she just ask stupid fucks to donate money. This way she has established at least $500 every month in the regular subscribers, as more than 100 people have been stupid enough to fall for her lies, not to mention the people who just gives one-time donations for her shopping habits. She has 4 categorizes of subscriptions scams. Here they are:

Water Bender
Even a small drop of water can cause a big ripple against the corporate media nation for $5 a month. Set up a regular monthly donation using PayPal. Click the button below to get started.

Forged in the heat of battle to fight the patriarchal media gods for $10 a month. Set up a regular monthly donation using PayPal. Click the button below to get started.

Fight the forces of media darkness with a $15 a month donation. Set up a regular monthly donation using PayPal. Click the button below to get started.

Traverse time and space in the search for feminist media with a $25 a month donation. Set up a regular monthly donation using PayPal. Click the button below to get started.

Her Idea of The Perfect Videogame

Sarbitchean finally decided to listen to some of her critics, and released what she perceives as the greatest game EVAR.

In the game you play a princess, who has been kidnapped, but instead of being rescued by the great male hero, she actually escapes herself, puts on armor, and realizes that her kingdom queendom has been taken over by the evil villain, Pat Ree Archy. The game will be an action RPG with a leveling-up system, except that you can't fight any baddies, because feminists don't want that. No seriously:

One of the things many feminists movements have advocated for over the decade is non-violent conflict resolution and creative ways to solve both domestic and international disputes.


—Anita Sarkeesian, [Top 10 Best Non-Violent iPhone Games]

Meaning that you will be able to talk people to death, much like Anita is doing with her videos.

The Consolefags Brandish Their Pitchforks (Again)

Not content with the amount of attention she was already getting, Anita decided to whore herself out even more on Global Jews as an opportunity to politically advance herself. Rather than crying and whining as usual, this time the cold-hearted bitch recounted the whole incident with a smug satisfaction on her face. This latest stunt once more infuriated consolefags into a rabies-infested mob that then proceeded to grab their pitchforks and try to burn Anita to the ground. Unfortunately their cries fell on deaf ears. Being the cunning little kike that she is, Anita more than likely laughed all the way to the bank the entire time as the pathetic social cripples played right into her hands.

Background as a scam artist

On August 23, 2013 there was a video called "Anita Sarkeesian: the Early Years", an analysis was done supporting the idea that her being a fake gamer is but a red herring (albeit a true one) to cover being a fake feminist as well, a puppet for her boyfriend Jonathan McIntosh. A second part was released on January 31, 2014.

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Not a real gamer

While it was fucking obvious anyway that Anita isn't a gamer, there is now objective proof that she doesn't give a damn about gaming and is using the topic to further her career. While she was lying to the media saying that she has played games since she was a kid and that she still loves them, there are clips of her lecture in the Santa Monica College in California in early 2010 which disapprove of what she was saying to the media.


Not only butthurt video game hounds trolled the bitch. An imaginative troll wondered what it would be like to have his large cock in Anita's mouth. The photoshopped image would appear on her Wikipedia page when it got vandalized.

How's this shit taste, you fucking cunt. About missing Pics

In Conclusion

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