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Fate/stay night

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Fate/stay night is a visual novel by Type-Moon famous for turning King Arthur in a 17 year old slut that sells her body for Magicka. Since it was created by the same people responsible for Tsukihime, this game was bond to /b/loved and cherished by basement dwellers around the world. In this visual novel, heroes don't die; instead, they become otherworldly Servants bond to magicians (some trade-off). Masters and their Servants must fight against other magicians and their pets in order to win the ultimate prize: the Holy Grail (srsly). The game is divided into three story arcs or routes: Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven's Feel. Oh, and Saber is the female King Arthur.



Simply explained.
Moar info: GAR.

GAR is an adjective used to describe beings of extreme manliness. GAR was created by an anon expressing his fondness of Archer. As with many do with Bridget, this person was "Gay for Archer", but he mistyped and accidentally submitted "I'm gar for archer".

Unlimited X Works

As with GAR, this meme is also based on Archer. Archer is a chinese tracer with the ability to copy many weapons. As a result, Archer can create an unlimited amount of copies faster than 13 year old boys working in Chinese sweatshops, only to deliver pwnage to his opponents. Archer's Reality Marble (special ability) is Unlimited Blade Works, which he used to create any weapon he wishes. Archer also has a neat, little chant that is often used as an exploitable copypasta:

I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I have created over a thousand blades.
Unknown to death.
Nor known to life.
Have withstood pain to create many weapons.
Yet, those hands will never hold anything.
So as I pray, "Unlimited Blade Works".

Besides a copypasta, Unlimited X Works can be used in image form, in which the creative image editor must replace the "X" with sometime new and interesting.


Gilgamesh is the King of Heroes and the jerk amongst the Servants. He's an antagonist in two story arcs, and he often attempted hits on Saber. Gilgamesh can open portals (via Gate of Babylon) and retrieve legendary weapons from an ancient vault. As with Unlimited X Works, this is often the subject of image modifications.

Fall/semester mike

Unlimited Essay Works.

Fall/semester mike (aka Unlimited Essay Works) is a spin-off of Unlimited X Works. An anon on /a/ named "Mike" was failing his English course, so he decided to go out with a bang. Instead of handing in his final paper, he handed in Unlimited Essay Works:

I am the bone of my essay.
Procrastination is my body, and caffeine is my blood.
I have ignored over a thousand deadlines.
Unknown to MLA format, nor known to passing grades.
Have withstood responsibility to fail many classes.
Yet those classes will never teach anything.

Mike's teacher wasn't amused (partly because she or he hadn't played Fate/stay night), so she or he gave Mike an D+ and failed him:

Did you mean 'bane'?


Most creative way I've seen to fail my class. I hope see you in Fall semester, Mike.

Overall Grade: F

Mike uploaded the essay onto /a/. Unlike the teacher, /a/ was amused by the essay and deemed it A++.

People die if they are killed

People die if they are killed is a phrase from the Fate/stay night anime. Due to the obviousness of this phrase (Killed = Die), the phrase has been parodied and used as a sort of "no duh" reply.

Bad Translator Original text:

"people die when if they are killed"

...8 translations later, Bing gives us:

"When he was killed because of the-"

Jam It In

Moar info: Jam It In.

Jam in it is a chan meme from a Fate/stay night doujin entitled Platonic Magician H (available for viewing here). In this work, Saber needs to replenish her magic powers. Being a hentai, it isn't surprising that this must be done via sex. Unfortunately, Saber's Master Shirou doesn't know how to have sex. Saber then gives him the following instructions on how to do it (but you're better off viewing this file):

Please put your… That! Your ponos! Here! …My vagoo. And J… J… JAM IT IN!

This meme spread throughout /a/ and the other boards.

…You lost me

…You lost me is a meme that spun off of Jam It In. It originates from a fan tribute comic created by the meme-loving weeaboo known as Veloxiraptor (the comic can be viewed here).

In this fan comic, Rin attempts to teach Shirou how to have sex with Saber. Unfortunately, Shirou still doesn't understand and says, …You lost me.

…You lost me

You lost me ASCII

Mana Restoration for Retards!

   8=D  -->  (())

       A             B

1) Put PONOS (A) to VAGOOO (B).
3) ????

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