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Typical FFA in an act of secks. I mean, just look at the belly on that guy, and she's slim, and that guy actually has a big dick, making deepthroating the ultimate act of submission for a FFA.
FFAs hate men who have bodies like this. Also, Epic Fail Guy is the antithesis of what FFAs like. EFG is a good method of trolling FFAs. Epic fat guy on the other hand is not.
Another typical female admirer showing her boyfriend off on MySpace.
Fapping material for FFAs.
A girl from the BHM FFA Connection Forums and her boyfriend.

FFAs are female fat admirers (although it also means former featured article, lol). Generally speaking, this refers to a slim, hawt, pretty woman whose sexual preference is for fat men. Contrary to popular belief, women do actually enjoy sex just for its own sake, and some of them have fetishes at least as fucked up as that of any man, if not moar so.

FFAs are generally hawt, young, slim, nubile women ranging in age from 18 to 30, after which point these women become fat themselves, making it no longer such a strange thing. Unlike gold-digger whores who fuck fat old men only for the money, FFAs are otherwise normal women who have a repressed Electra complex and secretly liked the fact that their abusive fathers were alcoholics who drank beer every night, making them fat and have a beer belly. Therefore as young adults, these women like fat guys of a similar age to them, give or take a few years. This makes FFAs an great option for fat guys to get laid and possibly even find a life partner. However, they are quite rare in the real world (although not as much as you'd think because many of them just don't want to admit it), and the internets is the place where they can be found the most.

Apart from the fact that it's not the woman who is fat and the man who is average weight, it's like every other normal heterosexual relationship in that the woman is completely submissive to the guy, and sucks his cock over 9000 times during the length of their married life. At some point, that cum might even go into her vagina, making her pregnant, and they would be a happy family forever after.

For fat guys, signing up to an online community where FFAs lurk is an option. One such community is Fantasy Feeder, where 19-year-old girls talk of their love for fat 18-year-old emo boys. Much lulz could potentially be gained from trolling such communities.

Some FFAs are lesbians who are attracted to fat women, but nobody gives a fuck about them. There are also some bisexual women who are attracted to fat people of either sex. Their lulz level is currently being evaluated; however, most reports suggest that it is less than 9,000.

This article gives an insight into the phenomenon. Their forums are ripe for trolling.

Sign up to the forums so that you can read threads such as this for epic lulz.

There are also FAs and FFAs lurking here. For example:

To answer your question, though, I do often get depressed about being an FFA, but for different reasons. I wish I weren't an FFA, because I wish I could like thinner guys. I wish I could be attracted to them. It feels horribly unfair when I see guys that are gorgeous facially, and I just can't be sexually attracted to them because they're not fat. Most of the guys that I've gone out with have been thin, too, and would look bad if they gained weight. It's frustrating and depressing sometimes that I am this way.


List of FFAs

List of guys who need to find a FFA


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