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Every time you masturbate...God kills a kitten

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The poor man's ceiling cat.



Every time you masturbate... God kills a kitten is an unfunny internet meme started last thursday by some faggot on Fark who just learned photoshop but not comedy. It is full of Fail and Aids, and is an obvious copycat (pun intended) of the beloved Ceiling Cat. It is half as cute, a fifth as funny, and not original at all, therefore it is the best and most popular thing Fark has ever generated; which proves how pathetic the site truly is.


Proving once again how awful TOW really is, God kills a kitten actually has an article on Wikipedia. Which shows how poorly made the site is. Well made articles are always being nominated for deletion review yet shitty meme articles will continue to live.


Due to it's inclusion of Domo-kun and a kitten, the image grew popularity amongst wapanese and furfags. Due to that fanbase it has been emailed Over 9000 times and has spread to every person in the world.


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