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Not for lowly commoners

DOOM is the video game adaptation of the critically acclaimed movie of the same name. Like with every time a good movie is turned into a video game, the game sucks. Fans of the movie cried that they did not stick to the original plot of having people get a virus and turn into either a superhuman or a monster depending on how many times they were molested as a kid. They complained about the idea of having teleportation technology give demons the opportunity to rule the earth was unoriginal, eventhough they, at the same time, love Warhammer 40k and steal that part of the plot for the story for one of their figurines.


The whole story of Doom, in YouTube videos





Your typical Doom Furfag

The Imp

Previous Video  |  Next Video


The final boss!

The player takes the role of a silent protagonist, only known as the Doom guy. As this totally original character that is almost never used in today's FPS's, you are sent to a military base or some shit on Mars. The booklet that originally came with the game explained most of the backstory, but nobody reads those, do they? Basically, shit gets real, and Satan sends his death warriors after you, and you shoot them in the face. Lather, rinse, repeat. Wow, what a great game play mechanic. Shoot monsters until they die.

There is also something about a large evil corporation, and since all corporations are evil, this is bad news for our hero. They are responsible for bridging hell to Mars, and therefore they must be taken down, Obama style. Eventually, once you kill enough innocent hell-creatures, Satan shows up and you kill him.


Typical Doom monster.
  • Former Human - Green haired zombie punks that shoot worse than women at NRA festivals.
  • Former Human Sergeant - Bald psycho motherfuckers that will fuck up your day if you get too close.
  • SS Trooper - Nazis you find in the secret Wolfenstein maps. They aren't really arian supermen, they just suck.
  • Former Commando - These assholes make swiss cheese out of you as soon as they see you and they NEVER STOP FIRING. Better get gud, son.
  • Demon - The geniuses at id Software thought they just HAD TO add a super shotgun into Doom 2, which one-shots these poor pink pigbull-demons en masse. They're just annoying.
  • Spectre - Same shit as the Demon, but partially invisible. Might fuck up your day if you have bad brightness settings.
  • Imp - Angry brown nigger devils which suck at everything, except when they appear in hordes next to you.
  • Lost Soul - This is what happens to the poor /v/irgins on 4chan after they die as wizards.
  • Pain Elemental - Spawns even more "Lost Souls". Makes you waste precious ammo.
  • Cacodemon - Everybody loves that red fluffy flying ball. The face is stolen right from a D&D cover demon. Shoots plasma and flies.
  • Revenant - Shoots guided missiles that will follow you indefinitely UNTIL they hit something. These fuckers are hardcore.
  • Mancubus - Every fat fetish's dream. Is like an upgraded "Imp", only about 10 times more dangerous.
  • Hell Knight - Pussy version of the "Baron of Hell". Acts like a glass cannon, might get a lucky shot at you.
  • Baron of Hell - Has more HP than the "Hell Knight" and is more of like a walking roadblock that throws fast green fireballs at you.
  • Archvile - Revives stuff and doesn't afraid of anything. A player's best friend.
  • Spider Mastermind - Rape walking on four legs. No matter how fast you move, you will always get caught in it's line of fire! Fortunately it gets stuck easily in places and always catches friendly fire from other monsters.
  • Cyberdemon - Just circlestrafe around them and use the mouse, you cheap fuck...
  • Icon of Sin - A giant texture with a hole in the brain that spawns infinite monsters. Also John Romero


  • Fists - Unless you get a Berserker powerup, these are fucking useless.
  • Chainsaw - Better version of your fists, which lets you rip through anything. Yet you're still likely to get killed by Lost Souls biting at your face.
  • Pistol - Piece of shit that you always spawn with in both SP and MP. Former Humans actually use this worse than you can and drop ammo for it when killed. Note that even if the story takes place in the far future, the pistol is still a damn First World War relic. Can snipe across the map by hitting the fire button very slowly, but let's be serious, why the fuck would anyone do that?
  • Shotgun - A boomstick that is the one thing everybody uses the most in the entire game until they find the Super Shotgun. Absolutely wrecks anything that's a foot in front of you. Also the reason why everybody hates Former Human Sergeants.
  • Super Shotgun - The Shotgun's steroid-abusing brother. Shoots 20 pellets of Imp-slaughtering badassery in a single shot.
  • Chaingun - Faster-shooting version of the Pistol (and uses the same ammo). Considerably better, but chews through ammo like Gabe Newell through people's hopes and dreams of Episode 3.
  • Rocket Launcher - A noob tube that actually looks like a dildo.
  • Plasma Gun - A robotic vacuum cleaner which destroys everything that it hits. Good luck finding ammo for this thing.
  • BFG9000 - It stands for "Big Fucking Gun", although everyone who watched the Doom movie will tell you it stands for "Bio Force Gun". Uses the same ammo as the Plasma Gun, but is powerful enough to kill a Cyberdemon in 4 shots.



Not long ago some guy thought Doom was obviously not hardcore enough. So he transformed Doom into a hypercharged version on crack, with blood and guts everywhere. The result is a COWADOOTY/Michael Bay Doom.

It's a cheesy and childish mod. Taunts come straight out of a B action movie dubbed by some dude trying to act tough while recording in his bedroom. Takedowns with crude, ridiculous animations. Ludicrous amounts of blood washing out any emotional trigger it might have, and the cartoonish way in which all that gore happens shattering any immersion into pieces. Overly loud gun noises. Cracks blocking your vision. Recoil. Powered up monsters turning every encounter into peekaboo or trench warfare, utterly destroying the original fast-paced, movement-based Doom gameplay.

To sum it up that way doesn't do it justice, the result manages to be even worse than the sum of these parts. Perhaps, particulary because it takes such a great game as a base and brings it down to the abysmal craphole many first-person shooters have been in for the last decade or so. This mod seemingly manages to take every terrible modern feature and shove it into an old game, creating the worst possible scenario: a game with poor gameplay *and* outdated eyecandy. It could be an ironic depiction, a statement about the stereotypical FPS gamer, but now comes the frightening part: there is no irony here.

To explain it more simplified: All Doom enemies got new abilities and shoot extremely accurate, do a shit-ton of damage and YOU have to RELOAD your guns. You can now kick things, literally rip and tear monsters to pieces and leave such a huge mess that it makes World War 1 look like a kindergarten. Fatalaties on dying enemies even give you extra health. Sawing off the arms of a Mancubus gives you a flamethrower. The creator of the mod says the health regeneration is an optional mini-mod, well fuck that guy. The game is absolutely unplayable without it, as there aren't enough health packs to keep you alive from all the instant death hitscan / fast projectile enemies.

Requires Zandrocum or GZDoom (the latter one fucking sucks). The modder is a lazy fuck, so you have to actually pull the WAD and the REGENERATION mod INTO the Zandronum.exe everytime you want to start this game.

Instead of improving, this mod becomes more idiotically overblown with each version.

BUT WAIT! Recently, Sergeant Mark IV has shown his true colors, revealing himself as a racist, sexist asshole who encourages suicide. No fucks were given among his fanbase, but this caused his banning across all major Doom forums. If you google hard enough you can find all his little outbursts, or see most of them in this review of Brutal Doom.



Doom is considered a more important artistic achievement than the works of William Shakespeare. It's all about killing and death and despair, teaching followers to murder infidels in the utmost neutralization of The Great Satan. Still, Hamlet can compare to this amount of pointless death of worthless creatures.

It has also received much criticism for its lack of relevance to the feature film and for the fact that Romero hired Mexicans to make the game.

Doom is a mass murder simulator


—Some guy, SWEET!

Many critics have accused the game of inciting violence in young children. These accusations have led to the industry enforced rating system in all of our games today. Because everyone knows that 17 year olds will murder their parents because of video games, but once you turn 18, you'll be A-OK!

Doom IRL

Doom has inspired many great attempted reenactments. One such attempted Doom scenario was Columbine, in which two avid Doom fans(with the help of Marilyn Manson's satan invoking music) teamed up to go on a rampage at their school. There may have been a miscalculation somewhere, as instead of shooting demons and hell spawns, they just shot some kids. Definitely not as cool, but still pretty badass, and an achievement rivaling the likes of Doomguy.

Children across the globe still honor Doom's memory by playing it, getting extremely violent, and going on shooting sprees. Doom's legacy is in the hands of the children now. Nothing goes better together than an angsty teen and an assault rifle.


Since Doom is an old-ass DOS game that probably predates the average age of the Encyclopedia Dramatica reader, here's a list of ports people usually use to play it on a modern OS.

Skulltag [Dead]


Some guy wanted to make a version of ZDaemon which is better, but turns out they both suck. There's also a few over nine thousand furfags playing this game, so yes, trolling is possible. (Especially Ænima) However, on the latest Skulltag update, they added an "Ignore player" Function, so this makes it harder to troll. Also you can't use the kick-shield glitch anymore because the way you kick players is changed, instead of typing the player's name you have to choose it. There's also a group of people called "The Nazi Rangers", Which just plain goes around saying "GO GO NAZI RANGERS!!!" And shit like that. They usually go in Jumpmaze servers.

The forums are a breeding ground for furfags, weeaboos, spics, jews, retards, internet tough guys, faggots, black people, and you. Most of the people who post on the forum don't even play anymore. Instead they spend their pathetic lives bawwwwing on the forum about how the moderators are nazis who do nothing but abuse their powers (Ironically the moderators rarely ban people and unbanned everyone a while ago) and demanding that they ban someone whenever they make fun of them.It's also home to some of the most hilariously retarded clans, such as [Magic] whose main tactics for achieving victory consist of either a) saying they beat the opposing clan, even if they haven't even challenged them yet b) blaming their defeat on lag and saying they are victorious because they would have won if they hadn't lagged so much.

The Projects/Releases section of the forums is an especially lulzy place to be. Such craptastic projects as "Swan Fox" are a perfect example of DeviantArt's odd ability to infect every goddamn nook and cranny of the internet with its poorly-drawn anime fanart, even a source port for a videogame that was made at least 100 years ago. Almost all other Skulltag projects follow the same template -- mundane shitty-looking material that's been ripped from Realm667 and hastily thrown together and pasted into ass-ugly maps that look like they were made by a black 6-year-old with cerebal palsy. Here are some other great examples: (1) (2) (3)

After some shitstorm with details that nobody should give a fuck about, the staff of mentally deficient moderators and coders decided to set up shop elsewhere and left Skulltag to die. It is survived by a port with a shit name, Zandrocum, which is the exact same faggotry as Skulltag minus Carnevil.


Pretty much Skulltag 2: Electric Boogaloo. See above for information, since it's the exact same shit minus its former leader. You will need this to play Brutal Doom. Basically almost all servers have overmodded wads and you'll have to download tons of crap every time you want to play. Also, the comunity is filled with Bronies, Brazilian fat-asses who can barely speak english and of course, a shitload of Kids telling you to shut up cuz you killed them in-game.



While the ZDoom community is small, the source port ZDoom itself is pretty popular among shitty and experienced mappers alike due to all the FANCY EFFECTS AND COEDING!!! it supports. There's a chance you'll find some decent mods for ZDoom (with some exceptions), and it's worth looking for them, if you don't mind some of the more fucked up people who can be found on the forum. While the furry infestation on Zdoom is small, the furfags there are extremely annoying. Ceeb and Project Dark Fox, two of the more unsavory furries have a nasty habit of exploding in pure rage whenever someone replies to their posts with "Much like your posting", or MLYP for short. The exact reason for this has never been determined as they add anyone to their ignore list who points out that they're being total faggots. Some speculate that they were once raped by a large black person screaming "MUCH LIKE YOUR POSTING" with each thrust. However, this is untrue because one of Ceeb's favorite activities is buttsecks and he would most likely have enjoyed the raep session. Project Dark Fox is an angsty loser who's pretty much a hobo half the time since he keeps losing places to live due to losing any shitty menial job he gets in embarrassing ways. He has a terrible self-insert Sonic crossover furry sprite comic that details him being a whiny attention whore to those around him, as if this somehow made for captivating dialogue and plot. He also has on a mod based on his comic that he's been working on for over five years, and he only has 2 levels done. It got leaked for the lulz at one point by a former collaborator and he raeg'd. JackTheRipper is by far the worst furry though. However, he has been inactive for some time so it is assumed that he died of AIDS, proving that that there is a God after all. JTR first became infamous due to the rather disturbing threads he would post consisting of extremely sick shit. Sometimes it'd be a thread about a shit he'd taken. Once he created a thread where he bragged about getting fucked in the ass by a shemale (seriously). He disappeared for some time and everyone hoped that he was dead. Unfortunately, he returned again, this time under the name JMAA and announced that he was coming out of the closet, and revealed that he was a gay furry and that he had made a change for the better and would no longer create fucked up threads. Shortly after this announcement he announced his newest project for ZDoom, The first gay furry dating simulator for Doom. Needless to say, things only went downhill after that. The moderator, WildWeasel, is a fat, spineless fuck that thinks that reskinning his shitty weapon mod and naming it something different somehow makes his generic mods more unique than the same shit being spewed out by other people. Other noteworthy member is TheAdmantArchvile, who proclaims himself the God of all Graphics, claims to create Doom-themed cereal boxes which he somehow fails to show to the community, because...well, he just won't, and that's all (obviously he is nothing but a faker douchebag, seeing that his "super-duper" levels contain the same eight-bit shit from 1993). Similar members include terranova (sort of a Chris-Chan abomination, who keeps whining under the Resource forums for stuff to be done for him, but generally throws sissy fits when other people request help), and Zero X. Diamond, who have been kicked out from DieHard Wolfers forums with double feet for his obvious faggotry, and now seeks refugee at ZDoom forums in hope that nobody shall mess with him and his personal army over there. Yeah, right...

If you want to troll a ZDoom fag, tell him that Eternity Engine is better than Zdoom and has more flexibility for modding.


ZDoom's ugly looking and outdated internet multiplayer solution. There's already a ZDaemon page for more info.

The Doom Community

The Doom Community is fairly large for such an old game. There are several sites that make up the main population of the community. While some are better then others, they all have their fair share of faggotry and lolcows.


Doomworld is known for its highly intelligent, calm and reasonable members who certainly don't ragequit over trivial manners.

Doomworld is by far the largest one, and possibly the center of Doom related drama, much of it stemming from the /newstuff chronicles and the various lolcows that are just too adorable to put down immediately. While the most intelligent members of the doom community can be found on Doomworld, there are quite a few retards who show up every now and then. Most of the time they simply leave or do so much stupid shit that one of the moderators finally gets tired of locking their threads and either bans them or "Losers" them, which means they can only post in a section of the forum called "Losers" that only other losers can see. However, there are a few who just can't seem to get the fact that nobody wants them around through their thick skulls. One example of this would be ReOL, currently known as GeorgeF551, a creepy mother fucker with a weird elevator fetish who spends most of his days recording himself riding up and down elevators and then putting the videos on youtube, which can be found here.

The majority of users on Doomworld fucking hate modern games. If you praise Halo, Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, or some other shitty games chances are the oldfags of Doomworld will form an angry mob and take turns raping your sorry ass. However, getting down on your knees and sucking the dicks of System Shock 2, Thief, Deus Ex, or other old games considered classics will result in the oldfags revering you as their god and they will get down on their knees and gleefully chug your hot manly lead.

The users here are quite easy to troll. Criticize any WAD, game, source port, website, video card, or user they like, and you can cause a shitstorm with ease!

Tormentor 667

Tormentor himself. Seriously.
Tormentor when he's not mapping.

Tormentor is a skullful mapper who likes to think of his wads as unique pieces of art, no matter how shitty they are. This particular lolcow enjoys introducing innovative game elements to doom, such as giving the player a pitchfork and a couple of shitty guns that are all completely useless because all except one of them does less damage than the pitchfork the player starts out with. Another fine example of his shitty maps would be Sapphire - Orbital Research, which he mainly made to show off some shitty textures he ripped from some quake texture pack. Deathz0r wrote a review on it and basically called it shit. Almost 9000 pages of flames, lulz, and bawwing ensued.

None of this compares to his magnum opus, Knee Deep in ZDoom, which took him at least 100 years to finish. Tormentor, being the creative genius that he is, came up with the brilliant idea of remaking the first episode of Doom... IN ZDOOM! Meaning he could do all sorts of amazing stuff like adding in new monsters, slopes, scripting, and transparent glass! In addition to this he decided it would be a good idea to totally revamp the maps in terms of appearance by adding in all sorts of mind blowing shit such as more lights, borders in rooms, and even more computer terminals.

Upon it's release however, it was almost universally trashed. For one thing, the wad was bloated with all sorts of unnecessary shit such as fake lens flares and ugly sprite rotations. On top of that, a lot of the maps had extremely confusing layouts that left the player wandering in circles for hours and extremely unbalanced enemies such as a black imp that was a pain in the ass to see in the dark, almost completely silent, and had an attack that could kill you in just a couple of hits. Again, Deathz0r flamed the shit out of it but this time it was greeted with over 9000 pages of flames and bawwwing that ended with a wonderful surprise, Tormentor showing off a letter he had received from John Romero praising it, and he gladly waved it around like a retarded kid showing his mom a macaroni picture he made in special ed. At this point Bloodshedder, one of the moderators, decided that the AIDS level in the thread had reached dangerous levels and it was time to close it, but Doomworld shall never forget the day /newstuff was closed.

A sequel to Knee Deep in ZDoom, The Shores of ZDoom, is planned. It is, like the first, going to be a remake of a classic episode using the new features provided by the ZDoom engine, because we all know how well that went last time. The irony is that Tormentor is not the one leading this project. Supposedly, he's only making one map for the project and has yet to even start on it after around two years. The only reason he has anything to do with the project at all is because the project leader is too damn stupid to kick his sorry faggot ass off the team. Tormentor's most recent masterpiece, Stronghold: On the Edge of Chaos, is a shitty souped-up version of the also-shitty Invasion mode from Skulltag. Though version 1.0 hasn't been released yet, the beta versions are completely rife with bugs, despite this thing being in the works for seven years. HAHA DISREGARD THAT. I SUCK COCKS. The wad was actually started in 2004 but was on hiatus from early 2005 to later 2008, meaning that it was actually in development for 3 years. On top of that, the majority of the maps consist of nothing but copy and paste jobs which suggest even less time was spent working on it than that.

Doom Comicbook. Pure awesomeness

Has a staggeringly pretentious website which can be found here.

CJ Wright

CJ Wright was a mysterious figure who rode into Doomworld somewhat quietly but managed to start lactating sweet delicious lolcow milk almost immediately. Although he had only appeared recently, he claimed he had been mapping for Doom since 1994. He also proudly claimed that he was a 30 year old unemployed psychology major who lived in his parents' basement. CJWright takes a lot of pride in his mapping. In fact he takes so much pride in it that he confessed that he usually just maps until he's bored with the map which usually takes 5 minutes or less, throws in an exit, and then releases it. As a result, every single map he's churned out is complete shit and there's way too many to name. They all suffer from the same problems. Poor texture choices, poor monster placement, poor texture alignment, poor FUCKING EVERYTHING. Never the less, this doesn't stop him from raging whenever someone insults his maps, provides him with constructive criticism, or even a fucking compliment. Post by post, he slowly reached internet infamy, almost reaching his climax when he made a joke a former doom member who had died of cancer. Finally the mods had had enough of him and decided to ban his sorry ass.

CJ Wright majored in Psychology so he knows exactly how to make people pity him.


Thanks to a quick google search last thursday, Sigvatr became somewhat of a legend on Doomworld as well as the origins of a sort of mini meme. One day a lonely doomworld member was searching for hardcore porn using google. At some point he decided to search for keyboard goop, and what was the first search result? Why none other than a post on something awful from everyone's favorite member on Doomworld. The something awful post consisted of a montage of photos of Sigvatr scraping gunk off his keyboard. Nothing special right? After he was done scraping it off though, he proceeded to photograph himself jacking off and then ejaculating on to said keyboard gunk. Still nothing special right? After he was done jacking off, he proceeded to eat the the semen and keyboard gunk combination. The last photograph in the thread is him bear his teeth at the camera with mouse poop and semen dripping from his mouth. This became the source of a major discussion on both the forum and IRC and Sigvatr will forever be remembered for this. The thread if you really want to see it:

New Doom

This site is pretty much dead thanks to Wmull, the Administrator. During the time it was active though, it was somewhat infamous due to the fact that Wmull would ban people for various retarded reasons, such as saying Doomworld or having an account on Doomworld. Eventually the site was hacked and pretty much raped. Surprisingly, that's not what killed it. One day while fucking his plushie doll and pretending it was Chris Chan, Wmull got the brilliant idea that he should make people pay to post on his forum, kind of like Something Awful. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite the same thing because Something Awful's forum is actually active. Unsurprisingly, this didn't stop Wmull from trying. It failed. Miserably.


Carnbarn and his mommy

Carnevil, aka Carnbarn, aka fatfuck faggot, powerword "Brad Carney", is the lulzworthy creator of the clusterfuck that is Skulltag. He also started making some dumb videogame of his own called Project Vegan, but nobody really cares about that because it basically resembles the Quake 3 engine and it's totally gay. He ragequits both projects on a bi-weekly basis, like the whiney little attention-seeking bitch he is. Although he just loves to dish out sarcasm and flame whatever he doesn't like, he's the first one to get upset if you criticize anything that he's associated with, even if you're right.



RGMBSK stands for "Really Ghey Male Bitches Sucking Kock". A RGMBSK member will tell you that they were 100 hackers strong at one time, but in reality it was just three 24-year-old college-dropouts who were butthurt because they were molested during their childhood. Theta, Harrison, and Simk (powerword: Mac Benoit), who are even gheyer than the sites and users that they "hack", are constantly trying to inflate their own e-peens by flauting their hacking "victories" on their own damn forum which nobody ever sees. Their hatred of Skulltag stems from the fact that they all got their dumb asses banned for trolling sometime around 2007 because they were dumb and had no idea how to proxy or otherwise get away with trolling. Rather than being grown-ups and owning up to their stupidity, they blamed the Skulltag administration for being "power-hungry tyrants" and denying them their rights to be a part of Skulltag. Of course, their arguement is invalid because Skulltag is free and its "community" consists of nothing more than furfags and memefags. Regardless, they swore that they would one day have their vengence on Skulltag.

In reality, they failed to really do anything at all. The only 2 successful "hacks" of the Skulltag forums (aka a simple PHPBB exploit that even a retard could spot) were spotted by the dumbfuck admins when they were on their semen breaks, and fixed almost instantly. (Although in the short time that the forums were down, Simk managed to redirect this particularly luzly video of his tiny 1-inch Korean chode, which was, in his own words, "dedicated to MEAGALHHHED":

Simk's balls

Theta, the most lulzy member of RGMBSK, in addition for having an appetite for the cock, thinks that he is SUPER 1337 because he and RGMBSK claim to have "destroyed" the [SM] clan, which is lol because a.) all they did was get a few passwords on the clan's forums and b.) SM really wasn't even a clan to begin with. Rather, it was just a bunch of self-obsessed furfags (such as [this guy]) who made an "HQ" wad where they plastered the walls of each room with extremely hi-res porn of Sonic the Hedgehog. Theta also used to make Youtube videos where he "leaked" crappy wads that sucked anyways, so nobody really gave a shit. Also, Theta claims that he started "a war with skulltag", which is just a fail way for him to make himself feel more important than he really is. Which is funny because over 9000 percent of Skulltag players don't even know who he is because they're too busy playing GvH and eating their own shit. Sometime during the summer of 2010, Theta "retired" from LibertyDoom and RGMBSK. That's right folks, he "RETIRED" from something that he never got PAID FOR in the first place: trying to troll a small online Doom community that nobody IRL has ever heard of. But hey, not as if he had a job (or a life) anyways!



Thats right. It has its own article. Anyways, GVH (which stands for Gays vs Homos, the rumors of it being called Ghouls Vs Humans are FALSE!!!), Any way, it is the result of a terrible experiment on a rat's Testicle, created by this faggot, thats right, urban dictionary hates him too. Anyways, the player base is particularly consists of well.... FAGGOTS, GAYS, HOMOS, FURRYS, NIGGAS, RETARDS, AND TERRORISTS. The game is over-played, which is updated 6 months. (oh ya btw, cuttymanmike, you said upudate it, its been a month nigga). Basically, you play as a GAY or a HOMO. GAY usually can fly around and use melee attacks and sometimes ranged attacks (such as cumming on someone), HOMOS have low hp and have guns and shit like that. Then they duke it out to see who wins, but the real winners are straight people.


An australian punk islamic terrorist that kills skulltag every month or so with shit wads that don't deserve praise. Like All out war 2... the second cumminginging! This attentionfag never ceases to amaze people with shit he spews out. And when attention is drawn away from him, he always manages to get it back by promising shit that will never happen, Australian servers in skulltag.


Cutty kills St again! (noez)!

Terry and Company

Some time in 2007, some troll who called himself Harry got together with a bunch of other faggots (including Theta and Simk of RGMBSK, and some other faggots nobody knows anything about who went by Ballsintime, Roxas, ShitDizzle, nok nok, Wheel, and Crashhelper) to form the HC clan. After having their first circlejerk, they started work on UAC Military Nightmare, the first in a long slew of wads centered around assrape released under the name Terry. The plot involved a gang of John Romero heads trying to rape you with overpowered homing BFG blasts that kill you even in god mode. At some point, Carnevil and giant transsexual Ralph Vickers join in the rape, along with some shitty MSPaint pictures.

Harry then took the Terry name for himself and started making his own wads, which were all incomplete levels designed to lure you into a bunch of assrape. Then in 2009 he released ATG (Ass Tickling Gang) vs. Humans, a Gays vs Homos clone, and then returned to the same old shit. The word on his channel is that he's currently developing sequels to both ATGVH and UACMN, which will undoubtedly be masterpieces. HC members also occasionally pop up around various sites to troll and spam or create things like this fucked up mess of a forum

Genuine terry-brand products

Previous Video  |  Next Video

Then around 2010, another troll by the name of Joey showed up and started making the first few wads in Terry's style that weren't by Terry himself, but then stopped after a few months. The scene didn't really explode until 2012, when Joey started up full force again and Ogre started mapping, with many of the same results. And then more people started doing the same shit and before long /idgames was flooded with these types of wads. Even saying the word "terrywad" will send any Doomworld user into an unstoppable fit of BAAAAAAAAAAAW as seen here.

In 2014, a few of the big players got together with some nobodies and formed Neo-HC, which they claim to be "The Next HC", however they don't do a lot as of yet except spamming Zandronum servers and the occasional spamming attack on some poor fucker's deviantart.

Terry and some old HC members


Other faggots


About missing Pics

See also

  • The Doom Comic - The best comic of all time.
  • Wolfenstein - The predecessor.
  • Doom 3 - A shitty sequel that should have never existed.
  • Chex Quest - Don't fuck with cereals.
  • Duke Nukem 3D - Supposedly once planned as a parody of Doom.
  • Quake - Same shit, BUT NOW IN FULL 3D, HUR DUR.
  • Half-Life - The game that killed the era of Doom-like shooters.
  • The Doom Fanfic - Np, you are the demons.
  • NEDM - A smaaaaaaaaaall blight on the history of Doom.
  • Marathon - Biggest Doom ripoff ever, and by the makers of Halo.
  • ZDaemon - A shitty serverbrowser.
  • FPS - Obvious.

External links

  • Zandrocum - Non-shit port you need for Multiplayer, easy .wad access and some shuweeet light effects.
  • zDaemon - zDoom online port that makes your Doom look like total shit by using worse contrast and gamma effects than the original DOS version. Also comes with a terrible server browser.
  • The Doom walk - Big Pimpin.

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