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Claire Connelly

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Claire Connelly is the best tech reporter ever, also a nominee for /g/'s most accurate reporter ever for 2012. On March 2, 2012, Claire Connelly wrote a post on the raspberry pi system on a chip. The raspberry pi is a $35 computer that every techie wet their pants over. Claire who's only experience with computers is Facebook described the Raspberry PI as a LINUX PROCESSOR. This caused /g/ to enter a shitstorm state. /g/ does not realize that it has always been a universally recognised scientific and historic fact that the female brain is smaller than its male counterpart so they got butthurt about her mistake.





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Claire Connelly is as much a technology reporter as Jen from British TV show “The IT Crowd” is a technology specialist.




Is that Katy Perry?


—Horny Fucks

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