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The chick at ElfOnlyInn explaining why screaming "Censorship!" on the internets is plain retarded. 99.9% of LJ users don't get this comic.
Censorship spoils everyone's fun.

Contravention of freedom of speech. In internet terms, a phrase used to refer to any ████████ or █████████ of any █████ whatsoever in a █████ or █████████. Typically using an unlubricated ██████████████████ without the express █████████ persmission of the Department of ████.

Screaming "Censorship!" is a classic Drama-generating technique and a perfect way to ██████ a moderator or an admin everytime you don't agree with any arbitrary decision taken by him. It doesn't matter how small that █████████ is, because if you're lucky, a bunch of retards like you will suddenly become ███████ and start screaming "Censorship" as well. After effectively igniting the █████████, the admin will have to either lose a lot of time explaining people the reasons for his decision or start banning everyone. Either way, the troll wins.


Prima: Announcement: I just banned Secunda because she █████████ my █████████ with █████████
Tertia: "OMG this is CENSORSHIP u r not letting teh TRUTH about 911 come out!!!! HITLER!!!!!!"

The problem is, 99% of Censors (or Forum Regulators or whatnot) look for ███████ and ████████ Think about it, they get paid to look for extreme XXX stuff that is illegal in most countries.
Don't kid yourselves, the government workers who get to decide what rating a game is going to get aren't normal people. They spend their life █████████ Disney movies to make sure there's no titties for the kids to see. All in all, Censors are fucked up in the ███████. They might say you're a sicko for █████████ child porn, but before they ████████ it all, they save a copy to their PC. It's the truth.

Censorship is telling a man he can't have a cock just because a baby can't chew it.


— Mark Twain


Examples of █████████████

Example #1

Cum is like fish; any longer than 3 days, and it really starts to stink.
Ain't thatta bitch

Example #2

True story, man. I found the secret to a great ██████████████████ is to ██████ a ███████ with large ███████ -- inside the bacon -- █████████, ████████ stick the "shuttlecock" in a well lubed waffle-iron. After that ████████████████████████████████████ the Window Aliens ██████ summer concert series kegger █████████ █ shoehorn ███████ Llama.
Oh, and then Steven Seagal shows up with his █████ in a █████████████████ and we all ███████! Good times, man. Good times.

Sites, People, Things, and Games known for Censorship

Not even MS Paint is safe

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