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AustNet is an IRC network formerly run by Oneyed and RogerY that was built on the unreal ircd base with custom written services code added which makes it good enough for them to call it a new ircd appropriately titled Austhex.

AustNet was the target of a ddos attack by iCER/darkacid but he bragged got owned then went to court and shit but got off quickly making it Shit_nobody_cares_about.

In 2007 there was a fight between opers and some cunt /squit most of the servers and formed a new network called AustIRC which has never had more the 50 users in its life. Many dumb AustNet users did not know what to do when this happened as the network was left with only two servers. Many nerds puckered up and offered to help in an effort to get irc pussy and soon there were more servers and connecting issues were over. Realizing that unreal was a shit ircd base, and had been owned with backdoors, AustNet decided to switch to inspircd.

In a retarded move AustNet decided to cause trouble and give operator access to iCERs best mate Stevie, who runs the servers and only faggots use these servers. Stevie in turn added his Redneck friend Blackdevil to the operator list, who owns the channel #teens and is a known Pedophile. This caused a dramatic drop in users falling from Over_9000 to nearly below 1000.

Sometime in 2008 the AustNet homepage and AustNet services help sites were defaced.

With servers located in Australia and the USA, AustNet is an excellent IRC network to troll. If you get glined, leave it to attempt to reconnect, after a while, you get let in again. Make sure that when you get back in, you retain the same nick and say "Hi guys, I'm back" for maximum annoyance. It can also be fun to mass register nicknames on AustNet as they require no email authentication like any real ircd.

Example trolls:

Then when advised to take anti-religious discussion elsewhere, I was banned from #christian.

But of course, I was still somewhat thirsty for more:

What the fuck was this then?

Other channels to try: DO A /LIST FAGGOT!

These are pretty shitty examples from faggot with a huge dick.

Please note trolling the Operators on AustNet is NOT RECOMMENDED as they practice Computer_Science_III and have unlimited resourses and if you piss them off they will attack you and get your Internets turned off as shown here:

trekster will kill you
Session Start: Sun Feb 08 12:34:47 2009
[12:34:47] Session Ident: trekster ([email protected])
[12:34:47] <trekster> you flooded my channel
[12:34:53] <whybanme> i did?
[12:35:00] <whybanme> i don't flood
[12:39:24] <whybanme> which channel?
[12:41:15] <whybanme> So i cant register my nick anymore?
[12:42:12] <trekster> You can evade all day long, but everytime you do it's logged by iinet* 
[12:42:30] <trekster> and when we contact them and they look at the dhcp logs and see you a new host being allocated every 30 seconds 
[12:42:36] <trekster> your going to get your service cancelled, 2 weeks without ADSL can be very annoying.
[12:42:47] <whybanme> It can be.
[12:43:22] <whybanme> whats the reason for channel suspension?
[12:43:37] <trekster> Your nickname will be available for registration in 2 weeks, if i see anymore floods it'll increase to 2 months
[12:43:49] NOTICE whybanme:*** You are banned from this IRC server
Session Start: Sun Feb 08 13:40:57 2009
[13:41:02] <whybanme> you zlined the wrong person asshole, i wasnt flooding
[13:49:45] <trekster> I didn't just start guessing who was responsible, we can track users through the phone system
[13:50:25] <trekster> We can also pull logs from more than you realise
[13:51:26] <whybanme> lol, you are a fuckhead mate, you dont know shit
[13:51:29] NOTICE whybanme:*** You are banned from this IRC server

After this revelation trekster had his oper powers removed ;(


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