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Adventure Time and Regular Show

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Regular Time.PNG

Adventure Time is a cartoon about a boy named Finn, his talking dog, and their quest to ruin everything good about living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Regular Show is essentially the same thing (furries, a useless protagonist overshadowed by his manchild sidekick, spawning a copious amount of gay porn, etc.) but where Adventure Time is about pedophiles on acid, Regular Show is more on the lines of furfag stoners. Most of its episodes can be summed up as "two furries fighting whatever the writers pulled out of their ass that week", and sometimes the above with shipping.

The former was developed by Pendleton Ward and Frederator Studios (creators of another cartoon where pedos and fags make up most of the cast), while the latter was developed by James Quintel, an artfag whose mediocre cartoons are the main source of Cartoon Network's death. Regardless of the two creators' differences, both cartoons' fanbases consist of the same closet manchildren who watch cartoons with hopes that doing so will either make them hip unique snowflakes or revive their precious 90's cartoons (ironic goals considering that Regular Show is boring as fuck and Adventure Time forces as much auto-tune on the viewers as the average modern musician).



What the fuck am I reading Finn.JPG

Despite most of the episodes consisting of acid trips misnamed as adventures, Adventure Time does manage contain a coherent plot, meaning that it has cliffhanger endings at season finales to give viewers the sense that stuff happens despite nothing having been accomplished for three mindfucking seasons, and counting.

In the end of Season 2, Princess Useless gets frozen, shattered, and returned to life as a loli due to the doctors not having enough gum to work with, as to how this kingdom was to believe that having no means to heal its ruler was a good idea is most likely due to the brain-damage caused by the radiation of the Atomic Bombs. Later, she gets unlolified by absorbing parts of her subjects.

In the end of Season 3, Finn goes emo because she doesn't want dick, causing Jake to find him another girl. Fifty billion princesses later, he picks the psychotic one made of fire to pair up with his friend (Good job, Jake. Go fuck yourself) and they end up kissing rocks. Oh yeah, and the bad guy's a snail now.

Regular Show somehow manages to have even less effort placed unto its plot, as even though the world gets nearly destroyed in most of the episodes, it's never referenced to again. So it's nice to know that the show's creators possess the same attention-span as its fanbase.

The closest thing Regular Show has to offer that resembles a plot is Mordecai's crush on a robin named "Margaret", despite it being an obvious slut as it appeared to have a new boyfriend in every episode it was in. In recent episodes though, Margaret has revealed to be single and is warming up on Mordecai. Why should I give a fuck and what's with the "it" and not "she" you may ask? Well, you see how Margaret is red? In reality, only male robins carry red feathers, making Mordecai...

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

This piece of shit is probably the worst thing ever created by Pedoton Ward and his crew, because now every 40 year old pedo virgin that watches the show thinks it's the coolest thing ever done on TV, as it reminds them of their childhoods. Youtube is being filled to the brim with fan made videos because it strikes a chord with Adventure Time's fan base, who want to be like The Ice King and be the last person on Earth with their very own, personal loli. It is reaching a new level of annoyance because Adventure Time fans group it together with all the Simon/Ice King and Marceline references to argue that these shorts are proof that Adventure Time [implying|has depth] and therefore should receive an Emmy.

Ice King trys to lull Marceline to Sleep with some singing so he can "PLAY" with her


Regular Show Characters.PNG

Both Regular Show's concept and cast show that they were made by Quintel's art college years; it's just boring furries doing boring things.

  • Mordecai and Rigby: Rigby is an overzealous raccoon who is Mordecai's best friend. Even though the little shit's stupidities are the only thing that keep the episode's plot moving forward, that doesn't change the fact that he's the most annoying character in the show. Mordecai is the boring one. Together they're employed as park groundskeepers, but being an art college graduate, he even sucks at that.
  • Benson: A bipolar gumball machine who, aside from being a shitty boss for not even being able to handle the two morons, is notable for his rage fits and penchant for ruining any potential fun his underlings may be having.
  • Pops: A senile lollipop whose British accent and 5-year-old mentality earn him the title of being the biggest fag in the show. At some time, he was apparently a somewhat more functional being, until the duo crushed him with a golf cart and gave him brain damage.

  • Eileen: She's to Rigby as Margaret is to Mordecai, but while Margaret has the personality of cardboard box, Eileen has the personality of a Styrofoam crate. While she is supposed to be a mole, she looks like a human more than anything for some strange reason.
  • Thomas: Nobody cares about Thomas.
Finn.gif Jake.gif Princess Bubblegum.gif Marceline.gif Ice King.png Lumpy Space Princess.gif Lady Rainicorn.gif BMO.gif

Where Quintel for the most part recognizes the difference between "personality" and "traits", Ward throws that out the window and makes all the characters color-coded and have no personality whatsoever, well-knowing that everyone who watches Adventure Time has the intellectual quotient of a shit-taco.

  • Finn the Human: A little boy as a main character? Ward must've busted his balls coming up with such an original concept!
  • Jake the Dog: A shape-shifting talking dog who is Finn's friend as well as his adopted brother. Being a torpid, pedo-voiced, manchild furry tub of lard, he's also the embodiment of the show's fanbase.
  • Marceline: If you thought the sparkling wasn't badass enough, vampires suck red now and have more daddy issues than your average bar hooker.
  • Ice King: The old coot who wastes his life kidnapping princesses for generic-villain reasons and fantasizing with gender-swaps of teenage boys. Yet, sadly his back-story is more entertaining than the show as a whole. He generally acts like an unloved shut-in manchild, so the majority of the fanbase identifies with him.
  • Lady Rainicorn: A unicorn-rainbow hybrid that is somehow Jake's canon love-interest. And if that wasn't retarded enough already, they somehow managed to mate and conceive offsprings.
  • BMO: BMO is a fucking retard that will was all that Finn and Jake could afford from thier daily jobs. It's just a fucked up gameboy slave that they have around their trashy tree house.


See Adventure Time/Episode Guide and Regular Show/Episode Guide

The Amazing World of Gumball

A summary of /co/ Cartoon Network threads

Gumball is the little, unloved sibling that enjoys watching Adventure Time and Regular Show wade in shit. Essentially, this show follows an autistic, little, blue, punching-bag and his naïve, walking, pet fish as they wreck peoples lives, suffer, and from Season 2 onward, lose all positive values and become annoying little dipshits. The show rips off many others, like Family Guy, and dedicates entire episodes to finding entertaining ways to make an anthropomorphic cat cry, while his family simply ignores him. As expected of a European show, Gumball is shown naked many times throughout the first season, and is a crossdresser. His mother is also indisputably a MILF.

As a result of this, the fanbase is largely tainted by pedophilic, incestuous, furry, sick fucks. Strangely, the majority of /co/ Gumball fans are surprisingly difficult to troll, especially since the most successful methods will get you b& and possibly v& depending on your location. They even entertain themselves by triggering the shitstorms that engulf Adventure Time and Regular Show threads, which almost but not quite redeems the fact that they are all furries. Note that 'WoGs' generally dislike Adventure Time a lot more than Regular Show, as Adventure Time is just 'not Emmy enough'.


Different Faggots. Same Faggotry. About missing Pics

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