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[12:25] <Kashiwaba_Tomoe> So STI, how much jewgolds did you end up loosing anyway ?
[12:25] <savetheinternet> $130 USD



— An update

Because admitting you lost over $120 will get the hacker to stop a DDOS.
The pink logo for
If you go to that thread, you'll see that some posts are missing
And here you see the .net admins reaction to getting called on their bullshit.
Take a look at one of their policies and compare it to the image above. was created May 1, 2010, as a ripoff of

It is a relatively shitty, anti-semitic imageboard with only two boards: a cancerous and seldom-used /r9k/ board, and a /stormfront/ board. is also the only run-off 4chan site that is unofficially supported by moot. has, since its launch, attempted to spam the older to steal users, as well as spammed elsewere on the interbutts. Because of this, is wordfiltered on 4chan and will earn you a 24 hour ban if your post text contains that url.

Attempting to mention this or ask them to stop usually results in a ban, however on occasion they may pretend to care.... before banning you. (see first pic)

In late march and early April 2011 the admins attempted to require users log on via their facebook account to post, however no one wanted to and realizing it would cause a shit storm if it went mandatory as planned, it was given up. Rumors also indicate that intends to exchange banners with ohinternet.


Spamming does yet more advertising. admin admitting to spamming, after attempting a self promotional edit of their previous entry.

savetheinternet ([email protected]) has joined #4chon
<savetheinternet> nekoarc at it again
<Kashiwaba_Tomoe> hemad
<savetheinternet> > has, since its launch, attempted to spam the older to steal users
<Kashiwaba_Tomoe> i know
<savetheinternet> OH, OKAY
<NekoArc> so you're saying that you forgot that you posted a few times doing that exact thing?
<savetheinternet> i posted one image at the very start of .net, to get users that perhaps misspelt
         and accidentally went on .org
<Kashiwaba_Tomoe> Um, bullshit.
<Kashiwaba_Tomoe> .org existed for..... how logn before .net ? Over a year rite ?
<savetheinternet> what's your point? .org has always been a small chan
<savetheinternet> mine has a different audience
<Acid> savetheinternet, just admit you're a useless faggot

And two minutes later... he says this.

<savetheinternet> we don't need to advertise for traffic
<NekoArc> cept that you have
<savetheinternet> nope
<Acid> liar
<NekoArc> how else would your site url be spamfiltered on 4chan?
<savetheinternet> because moot is a faggot
[02:14:26] <+Clyde> Donations: | and
                    aren't banned URLs on 4chan
[02:14:27] <+pomf> squirrelchan is a squirrel character who draws
[02:14:40] <+Clyde> nice encouragement of advertising, STI
[02:14:46] <+slowpoke9000> oh the faggot squirel. i know who taht is!
[02:14:48] <~savetheinternet> what?
[02:14:53] <~savetheinternet> where?
[02:14:53] <+pomf> she draws the squirrel drawing your thing
[02:15:03] <+FlutterShy_Phan> Clyde, what are you on about?
[02:15:07] <+Clyde> right at the top of the irc
[02:15:12] <+FlutterShy_Phan> Where?
[02:15:12] <+slowpoke9000> if you just say faggot squirel everyone knows what your talking about
[02:15:14] <+FlutterShy_Phan> Nothing there bro./
[02:15:23] <+Clyde> STI said he never encourages advetising of 4chon on 4chan
[02:15:30] <~savetheinternet> i didn't say that
[02:15:30] <+Clyde> it's right there at the top
[02:15:34] <+Clyde> | Status: down | |
                    Donations: | and
                    aren't banned URLs on 4chan | 4chon mods have "&" next to their name | #tinyboard -->
[02:15:38] <~savetheinternet> i said i don't encourage spamming
[02:15:40] <~savetheinternet>
[02:15:47] <~savetheinternet> These domains are yet to be banned from 4chan, so it's possible 
                              to let others know that we exist there. This doesn't mean blatantly 
                              spam/advertise, and 4chon staff do not promote the idea of spamming.
[02:16:00] <+Clyde> then why say urls related to you site aren't banned?
[02:16:02] <+Clyde> exactly
[02:16:09] <+Clyde> you still encourage it
[02:16:11] <+FlutterShy_Phan> Clyde
[02:16:25] <+Clyde> so it's your fault
[02:16:26] <+FlutterShy_Phan> When someone says something along the lines of "Oh, /r9k/ or /new/ don't exist"
[02:16:26] <&cjhard> >4chon staff do not promote the idea of spamming
[02:16:29] <+FlutterShy_Phan> We just direct them there
[02:16:34] <&cjhard> >you still encourage it
[02:16:35] <&TheGent> ...Because there are still /new/ and /r9k/ users on 4chan?
[02:16:40] <+kendle> I have a confession
[02:16:42] <&cjhard> Clyde, learn to reading comprehension
[02:16:59] <+kendle> I posted a single 4chon demotivator on /tv/ yesterday
[02:17:05] <+Clyde> 4chan is usually very hostile to your adertising
Gallery of Self-promotion About missing Pics

List of banned vandals/spammers

What the contributions of a vandal look like.

The following users have been banned from ED for shamelessly promoting their website.

Excellent Uptime, Comrades!

After claiming they were ddos proof, they got a nice ovening
Because of the spamming that people from the site have done, they've been the target of spam and denial of service attacks. So much so, they made a status page. There's been at least 6 attacks that have happened during the sites short life. Since the most recent one, they hid the fact of one of the attacks. Whenever you say that you're well protected against ddos attacks, you're just asking for it


After the edit wars that carried over from the old ED, some people decided to pester other people about it and they got pissed off and decided to attack them so they could get kicked off of Dreamhost. Needless to say, it worked

[01:13:22] <~savetheinternet> Hello,
[01:13:22] <~savetheinternet> We had a rather serious network outage due to a DDOS and our admins have
[01:13:22] <~savetheinternet> indicated that this has come in the form of an attack to your site
[01:13:22] <~savetheinternet>  Our admins had to null route your ip during the attack to
[01:13:22] <~savetheinternet> stem some of the attack.  We specifically cannot support such sites that
[01:13:22] <~savetheinternet> are targets of DDOS attacks on our network, especially considering the
[01:13:22] <~savetheinternet> outage that occurred that affected all customers. The site
[01:13:22] <~savetheinternet> must be moved to another host.
[01:13:22] <~savetheinternet> Thanks!
[01:13:22] <~savetheinternet> Justin K

Link to Dreamhost's major outage. There's some funny shit in there.

During this attack there was quite an outrage from some of the staff, this converstation being one of them.

A friendly staff member chatting it up
[23:34:19] <Seisatsu> You wanna tell Ryan to fuck off?
[23:34:37] <Seisatsu> Nah, I guess you don't mind him destroying 100,000 sites to kick us off the net
                      for a few hours.
[23:34:40] <NekoArc> i can't control wht people outside my site do
[23:34:51] <Seisatsu> Oh, but he's doing it for you.
[23:35:05] <Seisatsu> Even if you didn't ask him to.
[23:35:38] <NekoArc> i'm taking the philisophy of you guys
[23:35:44] <NekoArc> they're doing it outside of my site
[23:35:47] <Seisatsu> I know we're a thorn in your side, but is it worth that level of destruction to you?
[23:35:47] <NekoArc> so they're not my problem
[23:37:47] <Seisatsu> Then we will remember your answer, and hold it against your character forever.
                      You wouldn't mind.
[23:38:02] <Seisatsu> We knew you were a dick, we just didn't realize you were an evil fuck.
[23:38:08] <Seisatsu> See ya then.
[23:46:11] <NekoArc> lol
[23:47:02] <NekoArc> your other staff said that they can't control what their users do and won't even put an effort to say
                     "hey, stop spamming"
[23:47:12] <NekoArc> while this
[23:47:16] <NekoArc> I can't stop ryan
<savetheinternet> you come onto IRC and make these stupid claims

<savetheinternet> and you expect me to forgive you for the harm you've caused me and my friends?


The Oven Gallery About missing Pics

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